Thursday, April 3, 2014

Speaking at Teach Them Diligently

Mark and I are so excited to be speaking at the Teach Them Diligently Homeschool Convention in Spartanburg SC this Friday at 3:00 in Workshop 5. We hope that any of you who are attending this convention will stop by the Cities4Life booth (#806) in the exhibitor hall to say hello and to purchase your "Families on Mission" t-shirts for a suggested donation of $5.

Below is the topic we will be speaking on! We look forward to seeing you there!

Families on a Mission: Integrating Family Ministry into Home Education

A family who is engaging the culture through biblical evangelism and by actively contending for the faith is a Family on a Mission, advancing the Kingdom of God not just presently, but for generations to come.

Mark and Lisa Metzger, of Cities4Life™ and, explain the importance of teaching your children to share their faith and beliefs through active family ministry within your homeschool. Learn why it is important to supply your children with the tools they will need to face a world that hates God, becoming the warriors God intends them to be, while simultaneously incorporating your family ministry into your child’s or teen’s academic studies in a variety of ways.

They will show you how to practically integrate family ministry into your homeschool and family life and get beyond that comfort zone of homeschooling solely with the four walls of your home. While providing practical tips on how to schedule your week to allow for a day of active ministry, how to record your ministry academically, Mark and Lisa will explain how their family’s ministry has shaped their children’s education, worldview and changed their family forever.

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Friday, January 10, 2014

Calendars and Schedules

Scheduling works differently for each mama! Do not conform to someone else's ways just because they appear to have it all together. Find what works for you. This post details what works for us!

On Monday I posted of how we use two paper calendars for scheduling general activities and meals. Today I will share how we schedule our homeschooling and our activities in general.

I use the Jorte app on my phone for all appointments, activities, to keep track of how many babies were saved from abortion in our city through our family ministry, and MORE! It syncs with Google Calendar, which is handy for viewing on my laptop or PC, too. But my favorite thing is that I always have my schedule right on my phone through the Jorte widget. I also love to set reminders on my phone...from 5 minutes to 2 days in advance. 

This app is used this for EVERYTHING...even little things like chores or reminders to call or email someone. You can also make to-do lists on Jorte. One could also create a homeschool schedule within Jorte, as multiple schedules can be created. I LOVE this program!!!!!
Jorte Features:

  • Jorte Cloud: Cloud feature for multi-device syncing and backup.
  • Various widget settings are available.
  • Monthly, Daily, and Weekly views are available.
  • Important appointments are shown in red.
  • See completed appointments at a glance.
  • It can synchronize with Google Calendar.
  • Import the Holidays of your choice from Google Calendar.
  • Import and Export the contents to CSV format. 
  • It can work with Google Voice Search and Google Maps.

For academic scheduling, I use Homeschool Tracker. It keeps track of academic activities for transcripts and attendance, but more importantly it serves as a checklist for me and the children to make sure we accomplished anything that we needed to for that day. Having what is needed for each day listed also allows the children to get ahead in their studies by completing and having checked off any studies that were completed in advance of that deadline. You can also include field trips, hands-on projects...pretty much anything that you can dream up that would count as being "educational", which is pretty much everything here in our world!

Homeschool Tracker Features:

  • Track Attendance and Hours
  • Manage, Copy and Reschedule Assignments
  • Create Reusable Lesson Plans
  • Create Courses with Weighted Grading
  • Generate Report Cards and Transcripts

What do you use to schedule your life?

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Monday, January 6, 2014

Meal Planning

This Christmas we were blessed with two calendars. One will be used to list activities and special chores and the other will be used for meal planning.

Annalise and Kaitlyn are going through cookbooks to find one new dinner recipe per week and one new dessert per month.

Mondays and Wednesdays and most Saturdays are relatively free from outside activities. These would be ideal days for odd chores and for trying new recipes!

Every Tuesday, since it is our busiest day for Kaitlyn and Jake, Annalise plans to teach Ethan and Trey to cook meals that our family eats regularly. The boy have expressed an interest in learning how to cook more, and so they will start learning the "Metzger Comfort Food" recipes first. (Their wives will love me for it!)

Thursdays are ministry days twice per month, so a crock pot meal is best on those days. 

Fridays are date nights for Mark and me, so all the week's leftovers are laid out - buffet style - and eaten by the children. 

Sundays we have a fellowship meal at our church, so a crockpot or casseroled meal is best for those days. Lunch items are eaten for dinner, as we all have our fill at the noon time meal at church. 

How do you handle meal planing?

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Saturday, December 21, 2013

The Metzger Family Newsletter 2013

Our family rejoices in this season of celebrating the birth of the One Who has SAVED us from our sin! 

If you cannot be certain of why God should let you into His Heaven, right now visit to make certain before your time is up! You never know when that countdown clock will just stop ticking. You could be one heartbeat from death. Be sure. Right now.

Below is our family’s Christmas newsletter!


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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Knock Your Socks Off: Large Family Sock Organization

Q. Do you have a limit per person of socks? Does each kid a different color? Do you keep them in separate drawers for each child? I had a friend tell me once about a "sharpie dot on the heel" system, using different color sharpie dots as to differentiate "sizes". Do you guys do anything special?

A. Large family sock organization is usually a dreadful subject to that will knock the socks off of most any large family mama...but not in this house. We, after many tries, have it worked out!

Each child has either a "Rubbermaid" drawer system in their closet or a dresser in their room where they store clothing items.

The two oldest boys (Ethan and Trey) share socks, so they just get whatever's clean from their drawer. The two oldest girls (Annalise and Kaitlyn) also share, but they are now in two different rooms and have two different laundry days/times, so theirs end up back in their drawers after washing. Julia and Ellie also share and just grab what's clean. Eva is slightly bigger than Emmaleigh, so I can still tell whose is whose. That leaves Jake and Judah....they are both smaller than the older two boys, but still different in size, so I can tell by eyeing it, whose is whose.

I do limit but by eyeing it, rather than putting a number on it. If they seem to be running out in between loads of laundry or I've tossed a few more socks than usual, I'll bring out the extra bag and open in up!

Some Tips:

  • The biggest help I've found is pairing up laundry days, older with a younger. That way, telling whose items are whose is so much easier.
  • We buy socks during the Big Lots 20% off sales and LOVE those prices. We stock up and keep extras on hand for that day when you notice that some of the boys' socks look like Swiss cheese!
  • I keep a unmatched sock back for each size and when the first unmatched sock unearths from the pile of clean clothes, I check for a match IMMEDIATELY. If there is no match, I add it to the bag. If I notice that one brand sock has been in there for months, I chuck it. That makes mismatched socks NO MORE!
  • Mark, having served in the Navy, always wanted us to use mesh laundry bags with a zipper that you can throw your socks into and just wash. That's a cool idea, too. But...never tried it!

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Monday, December 16, 2013

The Ultimate Party-Crasher

Santa is the ultimate party-crasher!

Santa Claus.
He is a legend, a myth, a fable.
I hope this isn’t breaking news.
Now, when a myth is passed off as fact, it becomes something else: a lie. In many households, Santa is a lie. He’s fun, he’s jolly, he owns gravity-defying reindeer and enslaves thousands of tiny elves in his icy dungeon; he’s overweight (probably because he eats billions of cookies every Christmas), and he isn’t familiar with laws against trespassing and home invasion. He’s also a lie.
He isn’t just a “story.” Stories — fictional stories — have an ending. They are contained in books and television shows and movies. We do not weave an elaborate web of deceit to convince our children that Snow White really exists, or that Mickey is an accurate portrayal of how mice really behave. If they ask us about the geographical location of Neverland, we’ll tell them Neverland is just imaginary.
We like for our kids to have imaginations, but Santa has nothing to do with imagination. When you imagine, you conceive a thing that isn’t. With Santa, a child is simply duped into believing a thing that isn’t. Santa is a mythology that we force feed down their throats, and then go to great lengths to preserve. Again, it’s called “lying,” not “imagination building.”
Lie: a false statement made with deliberate intent to deceive; an intentional untruth; a falsehood.
He’s an entertaining, fanciful, merry ol’ lie — but he’s a lie all the same.
I’m often informed that Santa isn’t a “lie,” per se, because he’s “just for fun.”
Well, he might be, but the opposite of “lie” isn’t fun — it’s “truth.”
Is Santa true? No. Do you know he isn’t true? Yes. So what do you call it when you attempt to convince someone of an untruth? Fun? OK, but it’s a fun… what? A fun lie. READ THE REST HERE...

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Friday, December 13, 2013

DIY Silicone Light Bulbs

This is a very cool project! My friend, Dr. Harrison (above), on his time off from delivering babies that have been saved from abortion, came up with this great way to make Silicone light bulbs! How neat is this? If you'd like to read more about Dr. Harrison and his first-ever reversal of the abortion drug, RU-486, go HERE. - Lisa

"I used to have these cool candle bulbs that were covered in silicone and looked like flames. They also helped keep little fingers from getting burned. But they have all burned out and I can't find them anywhere, so I decided to make my own. 

I got some regular candle bulbs and put masking tape on them with a hook. 

Then got some silicone and filled a little bowl with it.

I covered the bulb with silicone and shaped it upside down into a flame.

I then hung it on the tree to dry.

And viola! A cool flame-like candle bulb.

Super cheap! The silicone costs about $2 for a tube that will do about 50 bulbs. And I didn't even see this on Pinterest!"

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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Large Family Dining

I know this is kinda personal, Lisa, but I was curious as to how you sit down for dinner with such a large family. We are a growing family and I'm wondering what kinda seating arrangements we'll need to have when the times comes.

A. Large family dining tables are hard to come by! I know. Been there. Done that. Found my own solution. Finding your own personalized solution is key! Don't attempt to copy someone else's solution unless you have the same cookie-cutter home and cookie-cutter family. That will only lead to disappointment. Look at your space and get creative!

In this post are photos of our family's dining room. Our farm table, which we purchased years ago at an outlet store, seats ten and then there are currently two high chairs for Eva and Emmaleigh. This room was a covered porch that we finished and where we purposefully left room for a second table, which we will be getting soon! After that happens, we will be able to sit 20 plus high chairs.

Some more ideas for large family seating...

  1. Use benches! You can squeeze more bodies on benches than on chairs! 
  2. Consider buying an office conference table. Craigslist, Ebay and office supply stores are full of them!
  3. If you live in or plan on visiting Amish country, search local craftsman shops for tables. Some will ship to you here or here.
  4. Look for a local woodworker who is willing to make you a custom farm-like table inexpensively. Try searching or posting a want ad on your local Craigslist.
  5. Take 2 (or more) folding tables and place them together, putting a long sheet of wood over both tables. Cover the wood with a tablecloth and add chairs. Tables can be bolted together for added security. 
  6. Mix and match chairs and benches with any table for a country or country French look. When buying mis-matched chairs, you can splurge and spend a little more on the table. 
  7. Search Ebay for "farm tables". Many custom pieces can be bought rather inexpensively through Ebay.
  8. Check Ikea.
  9. Check World Market.
  10. Check Crate and Barrel
  11. DIY! Search for DIY large family table plans and see if you can tackle that job or try this one or that one.
  12. Buy table extenders herehere and here.
  13. Extend your current table with this idea. This is also a great idea for even just hosting an event or two that required a larger table!
  14. Search Pinterest to further spark your imagination. Here is a great board!
  15. If you do not have room enough for any type of large table, consider using "TV tables" or "tray tables" to squeeze in a few more. Herehere and here are some ideas!
  16. And bean bags and sick tray tables work well for little ones who don't mind picnicking! 

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Monday, December 9, 2013

From Denim Jumpers to Computer Textbooks: Doing it Differently

Q: Since you were homeschooled yourself, what are you doing differently in your own homeschool (different than how your own parents did things)? And what types of things did you really appreciate that you also do with your own children?

A: Despite the title of this post, my mother did not wear denim jumpers...and neither do I. So sorry to disappoint!

Just as our style of clothing was and is similar, so was and is our home school methods...

From an outside-in perspective, I do things very similarly to how my parents home educated me and my brother. My mother was a very eclectic homeschooler. Over all, she stuck to textbooks as a core, but added a great variety of other styles of learning to our education, as well. I was a competitive figure skater; my brother played basketball competitively. We were able to travel the county with those activities and with my Dad on his business trips across the country. We participated in pro-life family ministry, as our family still does today. It was great!

My Mom saved most all of the curricula that she used with us, and so when I began "suddenly" homeschooling Annalise shortly after her adoption at 10, I used most of her materials. As I began to encounter academic disabilities with Annalise (due to the then unknown fetal alcohol syndrome), I was forced to think outside the box and look into other methods, curricula, ideas, etc. That was a good stretch for me, though!

Since everyone has always been concerned about how homeschoolers have done in college, I guess I should address that subject Though since even IvyLeague schools are searching out homeschool graduates now, that myth, I hope, has long been stamped out. Overall, my mother's approached was academically tailored, but also very relaxed and flexible. We were expected to complete our assignments on time, to excel in our strengths and try our best in the weak areas. And we did just that. My brother, David, ended up being appointed to West Point (one of the toughest colleges to which to be accepted) by three (not he required 2) Congress appointees. He also graduated near the top of his class. And while I didn't intend on going to college initially, I did end up going and majoring in public relations and graphic design. I did just fine, even making The Dean's List every semester. So, it's totally doable to have a balanced, but relaxed homeschooling atmosphere while still providing the academic propellant needed for college. 

But just as our "denim-jumper-less" attire and basic homeschool methods were similar, our home schools were and are also very different...

A major difference between my family then and now is that I have such a large family (my mother had me and my brother). The size of our family has sort of forced us to branch out and look for multiple types of curricula and educational learning styles that fit each of my children and their giftings. We really seek to have each of their educational upbringings uniquely tailored to spotlight their strengths and help to overcome or learn to live with their weaknesses. While some things/methods/ideas work for all, all things/methods/ideas do not work for all. So, our teaching methods and tools can be vary greatly from child to child.

What I would have liked in my homeschool education...

I really enjoyed my home education experience and wouldn't change much of anything, except that I would have LOVED Teaching Textbooks had it been available back then. If I'd had that, I would have done better in math overall, I believe. I believe that's the only thing I'd change from my personal education.

As for what I'd change in our homeschool....

My Mom did wonderful inductive Bible studies with us, where she had us circle important transitional phrases and "clue words" that really brought out the text's meaning. It was great for understanding, digesting and meditating on the Word. While Mark does a tremendous job at teaching us the Scriptures, that method of simply circling and underlining helped my understanding of the Bible and helped solidify my grammar and composition studies!

I'd also love to travel more with the children and show them various historic sites nationwide, like my parents were able to do with me on my dad's business trips. That was the best kind of hands-on learning ever! But being that Mark's practice keeps him close to home, day trips and occasional vacations will fill that void in our home!

To each, their own...

It's so important to remember that everyone's home school looks completely different from the next...and that's just how it should be! The unique thing about homeschooling is that each can and should tailor their children's education to be different, and with all the family dynamics and curricula and activities available, each home school WILL BE as unique as the next!

Disclaimer: If you're using these stories and ideas to compare yourself to others, that's totally not beneficial! But if you're using them to gather ideas and such, GREAT!
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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Liberals Alarmed: Duggars Call Abortion What It Is...a HOLOCAUST!

A bunch of liberal, pro-abortion activists want the Duggar's show, "19 Kids and Counting" canceled. Why? Because Jim Bob, rightly so, called abortion a "baby holocaust". 

Soooo...if these Duggar people are just crazies, and there's no truth to abortion being related to the Holocaust, and you're all about "abortion without apology"....what's the big deal? Right? Oh wait...what they said is working right in line with the conscience you have been given by your Creator. That truth that is written on your hearts (Romans 2:15) is speaking LOUD and CLEAR and you just want to shut up the convictions of your soul. Aha. Noooow I see.

Read the article HERE. Liberals Want “19 Kids and Counting” Canceled After Duggar Calls Abortion a “Baby Holocaust”

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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Mother of Immortals: Miscarriage & Temporary Farewells

"Refrain from undue weeping, for they shall come again from the land of their captivity. Thy dead ones shall live again. Mother of mortals, thou didst well to weep; but thy children live, so that thou art the mother of immortals; then, why canst thou sorrow? Dry thine eyes, and bless God that thou hast another link with heaven, and that thou hast helped to fill the choirs that, day without night, circle the throne of God with hallelujahs."
- Charles Spurgeon

This year we have welcomed three little ones into our family. Joyfully, we awaited their arrival. Sadly, but not without hope, we ushered them from my womb to the arms of our Savior!

Two weeks ago tomorrow, we found out that our 12 week old, Faith Constance (Faith Steadfast), had gone to be with Jesus and her 10 other brothers and sisters who have also gone on before us through miscarriage. 

Her loss was the second most dramatic loss of our 11 thus far. It required a trip to the E.R. after I hemorrhaged and a D&C, but thankfully it wasn't anything like the physical trial of Levi's loss. Through the entire loss, we felt God's hand and timing on it all. Mark was home when it happened and was able to take me right to the hospital when I knew a natural miscarriage at home was not an option. And upon going to the E.R., we were met by an understanding set of doctors and a Christian nurse who came from a family of 10 children and was more than pleased to take care of us. We felt His arms around us throughout the entire process...from the very beginning (when we realized what was happening) to the end (receiving prayers, texts, calls and meals from family and friends). 

As sad as we are to say goodbye to our precious little ones, we are joyous knowing that they are safely in the arms of their Creator. The Lord is good. He watches out for each of His little sparrows. I am thankful that I am, like the quote above describes, a mother of both the mortal and the immortal! I will see my sweet babies again!

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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Blighted Ovum: Is it a BABY? A testimony of how to cope, grieve and celebrate with joy!

The following is a story of birth and of loss. It is written by my dear friend Jeannette Wilson, who is a fellow sidewalk counselor and large family mama. Since so many women have experienced blighted ovum pregnancies, I really wanted to share Jeannette's story with you and especially those who have experienced such, so that people can see and understand that a blighted ovum is simply a BABY that did not develop much longer after conception occurred.

Since scientific evidence unanimously shows that LIFE begins at CONCEPTION, Jeannette's sweet testimony of Life and Love shows how a "blighted ovum" really is A BABY and how a mama can and should grieve for and celebrate the LIFE that was! I pray it binds up the wounds of those who have been told "there is no baby" and might have felt odd to be grieving over "something that never was". It's not "odd". It's exactly what a MOTHER should do...grieve the loss and celebrate the life! Please welcome Jeannette! 

Wilson Family 2010

I am feeling joyous this morning. 

The official diagnosis of our pregnancy was a 'blighted ovum' which meant the fertilized egg, our baby, implanted, the sac and placenta formed and grew, but the baby stopped developing at some point. The hardest part about validating our loss on the u/s Tuesday morning was that the sac was empty. I had prepared myself for no heartbeat, or even a still image with no moving hands or legs, but I was shocked and devasted by emptiness. It was an image on the screen of how I instantly felt in my heart. 

I then was nearly ashamed of 'pretending' to be pregnant when our baby wasn't even there. (it still amazes me how fast the enemy can move in sometimes) I didn’t want to use ‘blighted ovum’ as if there was no baby. I didn't want anyone saying there was no baby. I couldn’t even wrap my own brain around being 10 weeks and acknowledging there was no baby. THERE WAS A BABY! That baby was loved, wanted, welcomed. Even if that baby only lived a few weeks, or days, or even hours or minutes. That was the baby God gave us.

I tried to go out to minister on the sidewalk Friday morning. There had been some bleeding since Wednesday, but I was not sure what to expect. So I went. My heart was not entirely in it. As I spoke on the mic I felt unusually sad, like a double layer of my usual sadness. I often say to the mothers that they go against the way God made them as women when they are willing to murder their little babies. God made women to protect, to nurture, to care for their babies. Even their very bodies are cooperating with God. The cervix is high and thick protecting their baby. The placenta is filtering for and nourishing their baby. And the sound of their heartbeat and the sound of their voice calms and soothes their baby. I was struck as I spoke, like a gentle voice reminding me. MY BODY was working at protecting, nourishing, welcoming our little baby, even though our baby was already gone, reabsorbed back into the very body that was designed to care for him or her from conception. It was what I was made for. This woman’s body, that belongs to Him in all its strength, was functioning as He created it to. This womb, of which we have made Him completely sovereign, was opened and closed at His discretion. And it WAS the safest place for our little one to be. I left the abortion clinic with a heavy heart and in stark contrast to what was going on inside that building, and in the hearts of those women.

I started contractions at 3:00 that afternoon. I timed them. They grew stronger and closer together as the afternoon progressed. After dinner I had to lay down and begin to breathe through them. I was in my bed and as the pain increased I began to feel angry. I fought the Lord having to go through painful contractions and would not even have a baby to show for it. I confessed this sin to the Lord and He forgave me. I began to pray in the Spirit as I breathed in and out and I began to feel such a peace that I could cry about it as I write even now. Immediately my heart changed to welcoming this labor. It made my baby real to me, and close, as any mama who has birthed a child can tell you it makes you feel. My body was strong and powerful. During these few sweet moments of prayer and peace I felt my water break and I knew it was close.

At 8:30 pm I delivered into my hand a sac. I was able to gently open it and see the small placenta attached to the side. And it was empty. But my heart was full! What an amazing miracle! What a gift to see where my baby lived and was cherished by my heart and even my very body. This body was mothering that baby, as hard as it could. And God allowed me to see the marvelous way He had designed it to do so. My body didn’t give up even after the Father had taken that baby home. Now that’s a strong maternal instinct! And I felt like a mother, 100%. And I loved my little baby completely. And I was no longer ashamed of the circumstances surrounding that baby’s death. Who cares if they called it a ‘blighted ovum.’ God had given me a gift and was so good to me in those hours.

I didn’t need to see my baby to know that he or she was real. I trusted God and He numbered our Little One’s days in a way that pleased Him. And I long to bring Him honor in all that I am and all that I do. So I thank God for this baby, and this safe delivery. He protected me from any hemorrhaging and for that I am thankful too. What an amazing memory I have to hold in my heart. He gave our family definitive closure.

I woke this morning with a joyful heart. We celebrated with a ‘fatted calf’ big breakfast as we thanked God for welcoming home that child made in His image. He knew I would want to have something to bury with the other two babies we’ve lost, and He gave me what I needed. I felt two things during these 10 weeks. First, that I was somehow not even pregnant (I took 6 tests, one even last week!), and secondly that this baby was a girl. If the first was true, we take the second as true too. So we have decided to name this littlest addition to our family Hannah Claire. Hannah means favor and Claire means bright. He has turned my sorrow into joy. Jesus Christ is the Resurrection and the Life.

“Be at rest once more, O my soul, for the LORD has been good to you.” Psalm 116:7

~ Jeannette Wilson

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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Large Family Clothing Storage and Season Changes

Q. "What's your method for clothing storage & seasonal change?"

A. I keep one Rubbermaid bin per child in their closets with clothes that might fit them when that season roles around again. That way we don't have to wash out the attic smell and they can also access them if the weather is off-season. 

For clothes that will definitely not fit them, they go to bins in the attic (each is labeled, ex., "boys 2-3 years"). I put a cheap-o bar soap a few inches down in each bin, the clothes won't smell so "attic-y" when we bring them down for the next child. 

We also have a winter boot bin and snow bib bin. Since we are warm weather folk, boots are hard to find. When I find them at a consignment sale for cheap, I purchase them and throw them in those bins. When it snows, we raid those bins.

We also have shoe bins separated by gender. We rubberband the shoes together and just raid those bins at change of season or when someone grows! 

When we switch seasons, in our family it is a long process. The older children and I go through the bins, one-by-one, determining what is too old/dated, which does or doesn't fit said child and which need to be donated or trashed. We also look for outfit matches and figure out what is needed for the season and I make a list. I print out this list and take them to church consignment sales and get what a we need! 

It's a process for sure, but it saves lots of money!

Hope that helps!

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Monday, September 30, 2013

Metzger Family Ministering at The Orlando Women's Center

These are some videos of our family when we were able to minister in Florida in March of 2012 with our wonderful friends and fellow prolife missionary, John Barros! It was probably the most memorable experience of the entire vacation! :)



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Thursday, August 22, 2013

We go...

Tomorrow morning we will go to the busiest abortion mill in Charlotte.

Just now, we packed the car with our supplies and helpful materials.
Tonight and tomorrow morning we will prepare our hearts, minds and souls for literal spiritual warfare.

We will set out tomorrow to rescue those being led to death, to expose the evil deeds of darkness, to speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, and to visit the orphaned in their affliction (all as Scripture commanded).

When we turn down the road where the mill is located, we will feel a turning in our stomachs and a dread in our spirit; we will want to run away, but we will press forward!

When we step on the sidewalk, we will feel that burden lifted miraculously, as we pick up our signs and ministry material and walk toward the driveway where we will meet and speak to abortion-determined mamas.

We will reach out in love, speaking the truths of unborn Life and eternal Life through Jesus; some will listen and some will ignore or curse.

Prayerfully, we will see babies saved and souls awakened to Jesus' call!

Prayerfully, we will add to the 207 CONFIRMED BABIES SAVED IN CHARLOTTE just this year (like "T", below, who was saved in 2010)! But even if not, still we go!


Proverbs 24:11, 12 "Rescue those being led away to death; hold back those staggering toward slaughter. If you say, “But we knew nothing about this,” does not he who weighs the heart perceive it? Does not he who guards your life know it? Will he not repay everyone according to what they have done?"

Ephesians 5:11 "Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them."

Proverbs 31:8,9 "Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute."

James 1:27, "Pure religion, undefiled before God and the Father, is this: to visit the orphans and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world."

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Monday, July 22, 2013

100 Acres in the Middle of Nowhere

I often start blog posts and save them to my draft folder, and usually I remember to go back and finish them. Well, this one I did not. It's rather funny, because it's well over a year old and because well, we found our home (yes, only on 19 acres) and are moving out to the country! However, this will not impede our current ministry commitments  BUT..if you are desiring to live off the land, look around you to see why GOD has you placed where you are! There is a reason! 

- Lisa

When we have considered moving out of town to live on more acreage than we have right now, I always have considered how long it will take us to get to the abortion mill if we moved. If it's too far out from town to go whenever we can, it is always counted as a negative!
This quote rings so true in relation to that consideration of where we choose to be planted. :)
"Some wish to live within the sound of a chapel bell; I wish to run a rescue mission within a yard of hell." ~ Pastor C.T. Studd
We have always half-way joked that we would love to live on "100 acres in the middle of nowhere". Could we do that eventually? Yes. But I WANT to live in a way that we can do the ministry that God called us to do here on earth, not in a way where we are so comfortable here on earth that we miss God's plan for our family's ministry! I am content in living in a place where I can easily go to our mission field in front of the killing places (abortion mills) where babies are murdered and men and women well on their way to hell!
"Though I am free and belong to no one, I have made myself a slave to everyone, to win as many as possible. I do all this for the sake of the gospel, that I may share in its blessings." 1 Corinthians 9:19 & 23

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Thursday, July 18, 2013

I Pray That Their Eyes Meet Mine...

In the last few days 20-30 pregnant women visited the website of A Preferred Women's Health Center. They saw stock photos of smiling women plastered all over the site; they read about how quick and painless their abortion would be; they took a virtual tour of the facility, and they picked up the phone.

A cheery voice on the other end answered, "A Preferred Women's Health Center, this is _____. How can I help you?" Each mama was reassured that abortion was her best option. And since that "phone counselor's" commission for booking appointments brings home the bacon, the "counselors" words were carefully chosen and their voice so calm and friendly. Each mama was baited with tempting words and each mama agreed to set the appointment. They then received their legally required, fast-paced "counseling", as if it were the tag-along to the end of a used car sales commercial. Finally, after they were instructed to wear loose fitting pants, bring a pad, and plan a relaxing weekend for recovery, these mamas completed the bookings for their child's murder.

TOMORROW they will wake and travel to the place where their child's life is planned to brutally come to an end. Some will come callously and pay us no attention, as if they're going to a dental appointment. Others will hide their eyes to "just get through" what "needs to be done". Many will yell and flip us off. And a few will joke and laugh and admit that it's murder, but tell us that God will forgive. 

So TONIGHT I pray that they will each dream of their baby and never get in their vehicle to commit murder.

BUT for those who *do* come, I pray that their eyes will meet mine; that their car will come to a stop and that each and every mama will reach out and take the pre-abortion packet packed with life and soul-saving information! I pray that this mother's heart will be broken at the thought of her intention to commit murder; that she would have mercy on her baby and choose Life; and that ultimately she will find JESUS through this day which Satan had planned for EVIL, but GOD, for HIS Glory, turned around for GOOD! 

I'm thankful that we're to have a nicely "covered" sidewalk full of Christians tomorrow at "our" abortion mill, but what about the Charlotte and across the nation? Will someone be there to speak for *those* babies who have appointments with death? Will YOU go? Will YOU live what you say you believe!

Church, ACT as if this is murder...because it is! Everyone can do SOMETHING! 

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