Monday, August 23, 2010

Family Banning and Planned Barrenhood

Reposted from August 2007

From the book by Mary Pride, “The Way Home.”

Creating the Unwanted Generation

“But into whose hands did God entrust the message that children are a blessing? The church. And who for the past thirty or forty years has been denying this very message by endorsing family planning? The church. And when the church came out in favor of family planning, it produced certain effects. Outside careers became truly possible for women…along with this came a decreased dependence on her husband, leading to marital stress…all because children are no longer considered a blessing.”

“As long as Christians maintain the same hedonistic lifestyles as the world, thereby showing that what really matters to us is our own comfort, our supposed concern for the unborn will appear either irrational or hypocritical. Only by living consistently can we make the kind of prophetic, authentic statement the world will hear.”

“The two methods Christians use to plan their families – (1) spacing and (2) limiting family size – both have one thing in common: they make a cutoff point on how many blessings a family is willing to accept. Can anyone find one single Bible verse that says that Christians should refuse God’s blessings? Children are unqualified blessing, according to the Bible. But the only way the world is ever going to know this is to see Christian couples who are willing to have and enjoy large families.”

“…All this talk about, ‘That’s all we want – just two (or four, or one)’ is incredibly discouraging for the already-born sons and daughters, who have to listen to their own parents explain how children (meaning them) are too much trouble to want more.”

Spacing is an attempt to usurp God’s sovereignty by self-crafting one’s family…..By discarding. month after month, our opportunities for reproduction, we are not only limiting our family size but limiting God’s opportunities to choose the best children for us. God can, of course, override our attempts at birth control. But he much prefers to cooperate with us, and does not usually choose to beat us over the head with unwanted blessings.”

The Wanted Family

“…trust and obey...If God is willing to plan my family for me (and we Christian all do believe that God loves us and has a wonderful plan for our lives), then why should I muddle up his plan with MY IDEAS? Only God knows the future.”

“It is foolish to assume that because I am fertile today that I will be tomorrow.”

Evangelism Through Reproduction

“Let’s say that Christians are 20 percent of the U.S. population. If each Christian family had six children, and the humanists, feminists and others kept on having and average of one…then in twenty years there would sixty of us for every forty of them. In forty years 90 percent of American would be Christian! That is without outside evangelism. All we’d have to do would be to have children and raise them for Christ. Even if Christians were only 2 percent of the population (which I think is more accurate), then in two generations, at the reproduction rates I already mentioned, we would be over 40 percent of the population.”

“Among Planned Parenthood’s ‘examples of other proposed measures to reduce U.S. fertility’ are: ‘increased homosexuality; chronic economic depression; requiring women to work and providing few child-care facilities; compulsory abortion of out-of-wedlock pregnancies; compulsory sterilization of all who have two children – except for a few who would be allowed to have three; confining childbearing to only a limited number of adults; and stock-certificate type permits for children.’”

“What kind of example have we been? What kind of example will we be? Will we teach our daughters about woman’s role, about the dignity of bearing children, about God’s sovereignty over our bodies? Or will we assert the right the ‘right to control my body,’ that cornerstone of self-worshipping feminism? Will we humble ourselves, admitting that we have sinned? Will we pray and see God’s face? Will we turn form our wicked ways and embrace our role as willing, even joyous, mothers of children?”

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