Saturday, December 4, 2010

Free or Inexpensive Ways to Use Leftover Christmas Tree Branches!

I always have so much fun trying to find new ways to decorate my house (especially at Christmas) inexpensively! The cheaper, the better! BUT I want it to look nice and classy, too. Look at how I used leftover branches from our frasier fir Christmas tree for Christmas decor....

~ Lisa

This little basket was free (a gift basket that we received years ago). I added the after-Christmas-sale flowers (50 cents a piece and there are 4 of them) and some leftover pine branches. Total cost: $2.00

Here is a basket that I received as a gift (Valerie Parr Hill - QVC). It had candles in it, but now....just pine branches! Totally free!

And here's where it sits...on our entertainment center.

Last, but certainly not favorite! This is my dining room centerpiece!

I used a candle I already had (gift from my Mommy), some after-Christmas-sale fruit ($2) and a fruit/bread pedestal display that I use year-round for centerpieces ($20 at Sam's Club) and OF COURSE my free pine tree branches! Total Cost: $22!

And one more shot....just LOVE it!

Okay, just one more...I promise!

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The Winters said...

Beautiful decorations! Our family loves the Christmaas season!