Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Do you ever feel like a Homeschool Failure?

It seems as though I receive many hits on my blog from people who have searched the web for "homeschool failure". Either there are a lot of people looking to scathe the reputation of homeschooling, searching the web for a list of people that have failed in their attempt to homeschool OR they are homeschool moms looking for encouragement when feeling beaten down in this godly calling (like we all do sometimes). My guess is that it's the latter, more often than the former.

I would just love to beat the devil at this and tackle this discouragement that ALL homeschool moms feel (at one time or another) with SCRIPTURE! Sooo.....I need to hear from YOU! Homeschool Mamas - What makes you feel like a "homeschool failure"? What have you done to battle those feelings and keep on pressing toward the goal? Please leave a comment below with you responses!

I look forward to investigating this further and encouraging each other in the process!

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Anonymous said...

Homeschooling is a means to the end. I use it as a tool. All our children are unique.The only thing that they will take to Heaven is their character. That is my goal as a home school family.The curriculum is not what's important.I have to keep that in mind. The Lord promises that he who has begun a good work in us, and our children, will complete it till the day of Jesus Christ. As long as we are connected to the vine, drawing from our only source of strength, we will be successful.

April said...

Feelings of failure come when I focus too much on the calendar and table of contents rather than on the LEARNING. So much of what we do JUST PLAIN COUNTS, and it will not be contained in a textbook. :)
I also have to avoid comparing--especially in early years--my kids' more natural progress with their same-age peers' forced "ability". My kids ENJOY school and learning. Their classroom counterparts can't WAIT to finish, usually. As if "finishing" and the concept of education are compatible!

Anonymous said...

Feelings of failure come when we compare our homeschool familiy to other homeschooling families. We can have peace in our hearts about our children and what they are learning by focusing on what what is important to God. We tell our children that God's economy is in total opposition to the world's economy. We as a family want to teach our children:
1. Who God is
2. What God has done for us
3. What the Lord requires of us.
We do teach reading, basic math skills, grammar etc... but our FOCUS has always been teaching them who God is, the Scriptures, and training in Godly character. We want them to love the Lord with all their heart, soul, mind, and strenght, more than anything else. The fear of the Lord is the beginning os wisdom, and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.
Who are we trying to please? It's not about our children's test scores, college degrees etc...If the Lord is pleased with us and our children we will NEVER be failures.
May the Lord bless you as you live out your faith before your children to raise the next Godlly generation for Christ.

Becky (Our family's blog) (My daughter's magazine web site)