Monday, May 23, 2011

Having Many Children is Poor Stewardship in this Economy!

Reposted from July 2010

If any of you reading this have ever entertained this thought, please show me Scripturally where family planning is considered good stewardship. What is the opposite of wise stewardship? Foolishness, right? So, you are basically saying that those who choose to trust God in creating when He chooses and sending them blessings as He wills, are fools. We are fools to trust in the Creator of the universe to create when and if He so chooses. That is either a poorly thought out argument or complete and utter arrogance in regards to God Himself!

Bill & Kim Kinderman put it this way: "Another major problem with the argument is the alleged authority of the steward. The steward works for someone else who has established the parameters of his stewardship. The steward does not make their own rules – they do what the boss says; they accept what He gives and the blessings He sends. So, with this in mind, remember – God is boss and has told human stewards of His world to be fruitful and multiply. So how is it legitimate without some further word from God on the subject for the steward to just up and decide one day "He does not really want me to do this – He left it up to me to decide." The Bible, in other words, nowhere tells man He has the authority to decide that God’s command to be fruitful and multiply no longer applies. Man may claim authority to decide this, but the Bible does not indicate God intends for man to assume such authority. Who do we think we are, to tell Him what blessings we will and will not accept, guided by our selfish desires for comfort, prestige, the praise of men, or other carnal motives?!!

Obeying God in this area will create such a strain on God’s ability to help you financially that it is unwise stewardship to just let the blessings (kids) keep coming?! He owns the cattle on a thousand hills, but He needs your help in limiting the kids so that there will be enough funds left for Him to spread enough around so that each couple will be able to reasonably support [them] financially”.

Is God not capable of sending you the EXACT amount of children He wants to send? Will He call you foolish and a poor steward if you "allow" Him to create a child? Can you really see Him scolding you for poor stewardship of your resources when HE alone is the one who creates life? Can you see Him accusing you of poor stewardship when it goes against His thoughts on children being the UTMOST blessing?
By thinking that we should be in charge of whether or not (or when) God creates life makes us look like we believe that we are the all-knowing ones who took this "burden of prevention" off of God's shoulders and put it onto our own shoulders. We, as the clay, are looking at THE POTTER and saying that we will take on the burden of helping Him prevent His own creations. This is *complete arrogance* to assume that He gave us charge of creating or preventing souls, especially in alignment with stewardship.

Here's some food for thought (Scripturally) for you...

One of the best verses in the Bible to point out that only GOD knows when our quiver is full is this: "Unless the Lord builds the house, they labor in vain who build it. Unless the Lord keeps the city, the watchman stays awake in vain." Psalm 127:1

* The word “builds” in Hebrew is “Banah,” which actually means “to obtain children.”
* A form of "banah" is also used for the word "house," which is translated as "especially family."
* Then, the word "keep" is shamar" which is translated, "hedge about/protect/preserve."
* "In Vain" is "shav" = "or shav {shav}; in the sense of desolating; evil (as destructive), literally (ruin) or morally (especially guile); figuratively idolatry (as false, subjective), uselessness (as deceptive, objective; also adverbially, in vain)"

****Remember, This is also the same Psalm that talks of how happy a man is who has a quiver full of children! Wow! Amazingly laid out all in that one short chapter! Is that a command in this instance? No. BUT it is a warning.

From the fears you have concerning the economy's impact of procreation and God's provision, I doubt that you would reject the "blessing" of more money and a better economy. You'd take more money and a better economy, yes? But yet you would plan and possibly reject God's most-talked about blessing of children out of fear that you aren't managing your household well enough. You're afraid that GOd might send you a "punishment" of a child because you were a poor steward in not using birth control to control God and His creations. Wow. Yes, that's what that argument of stewardship in family planning entails....that God wants you to better manage the creation of children and if you do not, you will be "punished" with less money and resources because God "had to" send you additional children because of your failure to use birth control, and ultimately control God in giving you blessings of children. Logically AND Biblically this whole argument holds no water. Search the Scriptures, if you dare, to find the truth in this. I pray you will learn to trust GOD and accept ALL the blessings He chooses to send (or not send), housing, a better economy and most importantly, ETERNAL souls....CHILDREN!

Here is an EXCELLENT article from a godly man in regards to the age-old "stewardship" argument in regards to birth control. I challenge you to read it and share your thoughts. Here is an excerpt:

"Imagine, if you will, this parable starting in a different way. “There was a man traveling into a far country, who called his own servants, and attempted to deliver unto them his goods, but his servants refused.” Eesh. You can almost anticipate the response from the man who had just had his authority personally attacked and rejected. If this Master was upset at a servant who received a talent but did nothing with it, do we really want to know how he would respond if his servant refused to accept the stewardship at all? And yet, when it comes to birth control, we do that very thing! And then have the bravado to claim we are doing it in “the name of stewardship”! Think for a moment about what stewardship really means. At its very foundation, as we saw in the parable above, it implies (and demands) acceptance of that which is to be stewarded. Webster’s defines it as the careful and responsible management of something entrusted to one’s care. A servant who refuses to accept the Master’s talent may be many things, but he is no steward – in fact, he is the negation of a steward – one who refuses to carefully and responsibly managing something entrusted to one’s care."

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Christine said...

Love Love Love!! Love how your posts are so straight forward. People always beat around the bush with this topic because it makes people uncomfortable, and ultimately it's because another child would not be convenient for them. And any inconvenience can't really be a good thing.
Thank you so so much for the encouragement. I praise the Lord for boldness such as this!

Kate said...

My husband has been out of work and unable to work (back injury) for 5 years now. We have already added two children to our family in that time and are currently expecting another (it would make 8 all together). I am dreading the backlash when we tell my folks that we are pregnant yet again. I so needed the encouragement I received from this article. I just wish I had the courage to forward it on to my dad.
Thank you.

Vida said...

Thank you for this excellent article! It was a blessing and help to me today as I prepared to teach a lesson on this subject to a group of girls at my church. Oh, for more voices to boldly speak these truths from God's Word!
You have a beautiful family! I look forward to exploring your blog further.
~ Vida

Christine said...

Very inspiring post, Lisa!

Clare Ansah said...

Thank you for this post!,I have been pondering on ways to reveal that the stewardship argument doesn't really stand biblically. I have four children so far and expecting the 5th in 2weeks. I have found that with every child God sends a financial blessing of some sort. Whether its my husband getting a pay increase, getting that job out of so many applicants, able to purchase a newer \bigger car at a bargain price, and many other things....even an unexpected greatly It reminds me of how God the father through the wise men sent some sort of financial assistance to Mary and Joseph when Jesus was born (Gold). :)