Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Meeting the Needs for a Mom who Chose LIFE!

The Metzger children with the supplies for Baby Victoria

Our family has been so honored to be able to meet a precious little girl (now 2 months old) whose mother chose life for her, after encountering pro-lifers at a local abortion clinic. Because there were willing servants who sacrificed their time and comfort to offer help and support this mother, and who were brave enough to show her the horrible truth of abortion, little Victoria is with us today!

Amanda and Victoria

We first met Victoria at the abortion mill one day when we were out ministering to other mothers. Her mother had brought her by to encourage us to keep on doing what we were doing and to thank us for being out there. What a blessing that was for our family! We have never been the same since we were able to meet this little one!!

After meeting Amanda and Victoria, we wanted to put feet to our pro-life beliefs and back up our offers that we make to other mothers while counseling them to choose life. We and the Wilsons (close family friends who minister alongside us at the clinic) chipped in to buy some necesseties for them. Even though many would assume that Amanda and Victoria would be the blessed receivers of this "kindness", I have to tell you that we have received far more blessings and encouragement from being able to lend a hand like we have done through this donation! It is WE who are blessed!!

Remember, if you have not taken some real, consistent action by making yourself available to minister to moms at abortion facilities THIS is why we need to be out there! Don't put it off any longer. Lives are at stake. Women like Amanda just need to see that there are people willing to be there for them; they need to see the truth and see Jesus through our walk - not just our talk!

If you would like to help donate to our support of Amanda and other mothers like her, who have chosen LIFE over DEATH, please feel free to contact me by e-mail me about needed items or feel free to send money to be used for this particular part of this ministry. You can send me money through PayPal and/or reach me at this address:

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