Monday, April 18, 2011

Ministry or Children? Hands off my womb so that I can serve you better!

Reposted from June 2, 2008

Below is a very interesting article about something rather sad....choosing between "ministry" and children. Isn't raising our children a MINISTRY that GOD CHOSE to give us? Can you not minister with children by your side? I know our family ministers to many while having our children right there with us! It's just not "popular" or perhaps as "respected" as those who "sacrifice" their childbearing years for God's Kingdom's sake. Huh?

  • Does God require sacrifice at the cost of intentionally closing your own womb to the only One who really controls the creations that happen within?

  • Is God incapable of designing His perfect family size for you WHILE you minister?

  • If God's the one who creates, and not us, then why do we need to "protect" our wombs from HIM in the name of ministering for the One who creates babies?

  • Are you afraid He might create a baby within you before the "time is right"?

  • Does God accidentally create new life? Does He create mistakes or suprises? They might be a surprise to us, but NOT to the one who knits us together in our mother's womb.

  • Why do we need to seal up that special place where GOD, and God alone, creates human souls for His Glory?

  • Has He asked you for your help in preventing life or are you assuming the role as the Potter?

  • Does He really need your help with preventing what He might create?

  • Why do we feel the need to CONTROL GOD and His power and His Will to create souls?

  • Why do we have to prevent His creations through birth control, especially for the "sake of ministry"?

We assume authority, that is not rightly ours, when we tell God [by using birth control] "hands off my womb" so that I can serve you better! How vain to think that we need to control God and HIS Will for our family and the creation of ETERNAL SOULS! ~Lisa

Ministry or Children?

By Cheri Fields

I was browsing through the Christian Blogosphere today ran into a Christian mother’s site where the headline of "Family Planning" couldn’t help but catch my eye. The writer honestly and with clear conscience believes that non-abortive methods of birth control are appropriate for Christians--not just for health concerns (that wasn’t even mentioned), but for the "ministry’s sake."

From what she said, it seems that she believes it to be impossible to have an influence on Christ’s Kingdom when you are in the throes of rearing a dozen children. Her contention is that people are brought to Christ primarily through evangelism, so to trade witnessing for bringing up a small crop of Christians in a family is a bad payoff.

It breaks my heart to see how far Satan has led us as Believers down the road of every couple being in total control of their procreation. The first principle upon which to base such a monumental decision for our lives needs to be that of God as the One in charge of children. He it is that closes and opens the womb; He it is who determines whom and how many He sends to grace the earth and bless His followers. We are simply the vessels He uses to carry out this miracle.

Is He really such a primitive and incapable God that He cannot be trusted to give and withhold the responsibilities and opportunities of parenthood as He sees fit? * Read the rest HERE....

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Xxxxxxx said...

If you are fruitful and multiply you will, in fact, replenish the earth - for good or for evil - ask any Muslim. I wonder who is going to 'minister' to their children, since Christians have so few?