Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Correcting School Work in a Large Homeschool Family

Q. I would love to hear how you manage school work corrections. Do you do it daily, do they correct their own (older ones), do they re-work errors, etc. It seems corrections take a large amount of time?

A. Well, I usually play "round robin". They all sit at the kitchen table and do their seatwork. Some will be doing seatwork, while others may be on the computer doing typing lessons, and another might be watching their math instructional DVD while a small group of littles are doing preschool work/play. Because they're not ALL at the table at once, it staggers the grading period for me (it's not *all* coming in at once). Now, yes, it does all come in at once on occasion, but I just grade it in order as it comes in (whomever was first in line for grading, gets graded first). I record everything in "The Homeschool Tracker" as it comes in and that helps to keep it manageable. No one corrects their own work due to accountability, though Annalise (18 - graduated) will sometimes help with the littles and their corrections. So, yes, I do it daily...right away, not waiting until everyone and everything is completed.

As for re-work. My kids get a certain number of points counted off for the first error on a problem (say, math) and then more points off for each time after that. I do make them re-work the problems for mastery. If it's a step-by-step problem, I will not tell them where the mistake is located...they need to learn to spot it. In other words, I'm not looking to check something off as incorrect, but completed (like in school), but rather that they have MASTERED whatever the concept is. If they have mastered it over a short period of time, and I know that they know it, I will omit problems or sections after one review problem is completed correctly and rather quickly. This really motivates them too hurry up and "master" concepts! Makes it easier on me, as well.

Even with corrections we seem to be done with seatwork, and most everything else, by noon (usually, anyway...there are "those" days, too!).

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