Monday, September 20, 2010

Baby Girl Items Wanted for Needy Mom!

We have been asked by someone at the abortion clinic at which we minister for baby items for a little GIRL who is due to be born in just a little over a month! The mother is very poor and needy and has asked those she knew would help for assistance. We really want to show Doris that Jesus loves her, cares and PROVIDES for her and her baby girl. If you are local to Charlotte or would like to send items or money toward us locating certain items, that would be much appreciated. THESE ITEMS CAN BE USED!!!!! In fact, we'd prefer used items, so that you can put more of your budgeted money toward more (used) items. :)

Something I would love everyone to include with their gift is a note or card to the mother and baby (they mother's name is Doris). I would love to present her with gifts and cards, so as to resemble a baby shower of sorts, since we are trying to shower her with gifts.

So far, we have some blankets and a baby bath tub. Things on the top of our list are: a bouncy seat, towels and wash cloths, diapers, wipes, girl clothes for winter, furniture, a swing, etc. Like I said, this mom has only what we've collected, which is pretty much nothing.

If you would like to help give to this mom and baby, please contact me for more information by commenting below.

Thank you for your Christ-like generosity in looking out for the poor and needy!

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GojiJuiceGoodness said...

My brother just forwarded this blog post to me & yes, I'm interested. I shop regularly at Goodwill & local thrift stores for used children's items so send overseas to orphanages and other ministries. I would love to help locally! I live in western VA. Can you send me an address where I can send the baby items & a card?

Based on the fact that I'm buying from Goodwill, I'll mostly be able to find winter clothes, blankets, booties/socks. Would a few toys be helpful? I have some of those on hand now.

I'm afraid shipping large baby items just wouldn't be cost effective so that's why I'm thinking smaller, lighter weight items.

GojiJuiceGoodness said...

After zooming around on your blog a bit, I see you sometimes ask for help for women in your area. I would love to be informed how I could help via email.

Getting women to choose life is just the fist step. I think it's really important to follow through & help these women support, nurture and provide for the child & I'm happy to help!

Can you add me to a list so I get notifications?

Wifeofworldsbesthusband&daddy said...

Hi! I found your blog through another blog while looking at Reece's Rainbow adoption posts. Could you please send us an address? We would love to help out this soon- to-be mom! We will check the clearance racks for some girl clothes and maybe a bottle or a Nuk.
Would you like the gifts wrapped? I can include a note to let you know what is inside. In Christ, Angie

Lisa (Lively) Metzger said...

Angie, that would be great! Could you e-mail me at: I didn't see a way to e-mail you and don't want to post my address on here. :) THANK YOU!