Friday, September 17, 2010

Impressing (er, forcing) Pro-Life Beliefs on Children

Q. These children only know what their parents have told them, and frankly they are too young to be involved in politics like the issue over abortion. Their parents should be ashamed that they are manipulating their children in order to promote their own views. These little girls holding signs may one day become pregnant and not be financially or emotionally ready to deal with a pregnancy or a newborn. Why can't they have the right to choose? Its their own body. No one would tell a her, "You must eat this, and you must cut your hair this way and you must wear these clothes!" So why does her control over her own body change when it comes to her reproductive decisions? Please respond, I'm curious to hear your opinions too.

A. Hi Kelsey! Thanks for commenting. I have a strange feeling that this will turn around into a "roundabout" discussion, ending in a typical pro-choice/pro-life debate, but I'll respond nonetheless. : ) First of all, you should probably know that these children in the photos are my own children. I didn't know if you knew that since you referred to "their parents" as being someone other than whom you were addressing.

Well, see it comes down to this. Every parent, whether they intend to do so or not, instills some sort of worldview in their children. One's worldview on the issue of abortion might be that of "my body, my choice" and another's might be similar to ours. I will attempt to explain our beliefs on this issue in a "short and sweet" manner.

1. We believe that life begins at conception. I could go on and on about this, but secular embryologists actually agree with me on that begins at conception. See this post here for more info on the scientific nature of this debated fact HERE.

2. Because we believe that life - a separate life, with separate DNA, separate blood, separate everything - begins at conception, we believe that since the zygote/embryo/fetus is *not* our body, it is not our choice. We believe that God, the Creator of all human souls, never creates a mistake. Because of this....abortion is not an option for us at any time, for any reason. We teach the same scientific facts about conception to our children, and the children develop their own rationale about a woman's right to make a choice, without us even saying much more than that. Since it's been proven to be a "genetically distinct human organism" (see link above) then you have no right over whether or not you should end his or her life. If it's not your body, then it's a choice of whether or not to commit murder of another life, already begun by God. The decision (after agreeing on the scientific beginning of a human) is not whether or not to kill another life, but whether you choose to parent the child or let someone else. Is it a difficult decision? Yes. But it's the only rational one, since one has not been given the right by God to take another human being's life for their own convenience.

3. Three of our children and my husband, were adopted. My oldest (18) has fetal alcohol syndrome...something she will sincerely struggle with her whole life. Is she glad her mother let her live? Yes! My two sons (8 and 6) we adopted have the same mother, different fathers. In each situation their mother was used by a man, whom she refers to as sperm donors, and left in the lurch. She received no financial support for them from either father and they were not in the picture for very long at all. It would have made sense to many pro-choicers that she just rid herself of the burden, given her situation, yet she chose life for her babies. Are my boys glad their mom let them live? Yes! My husband was the youngest of four. The next oldest above him was 16 1/2 years older than he. His mother was in and out of a mental institution for OCD and schizophrenia and his father was a hardworking farmer. They had every excuse in the book to abort him, and it was legal at that time. His mother was physically, emotionally and mentally unable to care for him and his father was too busy working the in the fields to care for him either. They chose life and an adoptive family for him. They kept in touch with him throughout his life and had a great relationship with him. Is he glad that they ignored the doctor's orders and let him live? Yes! All of these situations - JUST within our family - demonstrate the hardships and BLESSINGS in choosing life. The difference is that each of these biological parents can live with these decisions for life, whereas 98% of women who receive abortions as the "easy way out" experience some sort of emotional regret or post abortion stress syndrome. It is a difficult choice, but it is a choice to let another human being live out the number of days that God ordained for them from the beginning of time.

4. I don't think that teaching a child to stand against murder and teaching them how to dress have very much in common. We teach our children to value and respect others' lives and to follow God's Word. We teach our children what and why we believe certain things, just as other parents do, whether in word or deed. The thing that really gets to those who call themselves pro-choice is that we are teaching them something that steps on the proverbial toes of their personal beliefs. They want the world to fully accept their beliefs as facts and give them support when they choose to support abortion. We can't do that, simply based on our beliefs above as to when life begins. It's a life and death issue, not a lesson in fashion. It's a lesson in scientific (not political) facts and not a lesson in tastes in clothing and hairstyles.

5. We would have chosen to teach these same life-honoring principles to our children if we had lived back when slavery was legal or when Hitler was killing the Jews. Both of those acts were *legal* in the countries where they were practiced, but oh so horribly wrong in the eyes of God. We would have taught our children that black people and Jews were living human beings, created by God. Our "political" (and....SCIENTIFIC) teachings would have offended most people who backed slavery, the KKK or Hitler. We would have been questioned and looked down upon THEN in the same light that pro-choicers NOW look down upon our family now for teaching what we believe about life within the womb being a separate human, with unique rights of his/her own. Back THEN, we would have chosen to take the unpopular route of defending the lives of slaves or defending the lives of Jews, just as we NOW take the unpopular route of defending the lives of the preborn children in our own hometown. Bottom line...the killing of Jews and slavery were life and death issues! Nothing has changed, except that we could *see* whom was being murdered or mistreated back then, as opposed to not being able to instantly lay eyes on the present-day victim, because he or she is hidden in the secret place of the womb.

6. Our children see the plain facts and understand the facts much better than most adults. They see photos of unborn babies at different stages of development and say, "BABY!" They see our miscarried babies at 6, 8 , 9 and 16 weeks (7 losses in total) and say "Baby! Brother! Sister!" The humanness of these unborn children is easy to see when you're not taught to look out for your own self and your own conveniences above the lives of others. If you're interested in looking at fetal development photos, there is MUCH on the internet about the different stages...and no, not all from Christian sources, but from secular or scientific, as well.

7. That precious soul within a womb was created by God and he or she was not created by a mistake. That little boy or girls DNA was laid out at the very moment of conception, as well as their hair color, eye color, sex and more. According to Jeremiah 29:11, we all have a plan for us created by God Himself. We have hope and a future within the plan for each of us. When we abort and kill a precious soul, we are limiting the number of days that God had planned before the beginning of time itself; we are snuffing out the hope and future that God had for him or her. That's serious stuff! A baby is a baby is a baby. That's why we do what we do. That's why we teach our children what we teach them. Life is precious!

"A person is a person, no matter how small"! ~ Horton Hears a Who

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nikki101076 said...

Amen Lisa! That's what I teach my kids too. They choose pro life on their own!

Sherry said...

I couldn't agree more! Glad to see you keeping it plain and even "scientific" neat to see when science supports what God has already declared to be true!