Monday, September 27, 2010

Kaitlyn's Birthday Request to Minister at the Abortion Mill

Kaitlyn Noelle turns 11 today! Per her request, (er, BEGGING), we headed out to minister at the abortion mill for an hour (photo above). She prayed that she would be able to see at least one mother allow theie babies to experience their own birthdays!

Kaitlyn did really, really well talking over our handheld mic system about her own birthday and how these moms were going to deprive their babies of experiencing their own birthday. She painted a word picture, very nicely, of their babies not being able to stick their little fingers into their birthday cakes; they would not be able to smear it all over their little faces. All those sweet baby photos and memories would be lost if they went through with it. The picture of "missed birthdays" was very well presented. I am so proud of her willingness to speak and in the wisdom of her words.

When at the abortion mill, we usually encounter evil every time we are there. Today seemed to not hold any attacks, though. It was raining, which was why we only planned to be there an hour, and there were only a handful of us out there. However, Satan isn't easily stopped by rain.

"Sassy", whom I mentioned in my last post, comes out of the call center (where appointments are made for 3 different mills) and goes over to the Malachi sign. She picks it up and carries it over to the mill parking lot. She yells at all of us the entire way, even as sweet Katherine tells her that she'd better give it back since it's not hers. She cracks the $200 sign in half and throws THE TRUTH OF ABORTION into the dumpster that contains many dead babies. Katherine was able to get a photo of her crossing the bridge with the sign, which I will post later when I receive it.

I called the police, who arrived shortly with 6 squad cars. The "lead" cop was pleasant and asked what I wanted them to do as far as pressing charges. I told him that it was someone else's sign and that he would probably want to press charges. They went over to talk to "Sassy", who was in the call center, but the CALL CENTER WAS LOCKED AND NO ONE WOULD LET THE COPS IN.

A nurse came over from the other building (the call center people were all protecting Sassy...peeking out the windows, no less). This nurse talked to the cops, but the cops wanted Sassy, not a spokesperson. She finally came out, shaking and looking nervous and scared.

Long story, short, the police went over to the dumpster and fished the Malachi sign out of the dumpster. They handed it back to the owner with no charges being filed on the clinic employee. We were all very upset that no charges were filed, but were told that it's not considered property damage because we weren't holding it. ?? We're not holding our cars or strollers, either. Would they press charges if they had done that to our vehicles? As in Bible times, Christians still receive less than adequate protection. Good and evil still exist, especially at places like this.

We are so glad that little Malachi (God's Messenger) is back with "us" and can easily be repaired! He has helped to save MANY babies' lives. In fact, one mother JUST told us last Friday that Malachi was one of the main reasons that she didn't abort her baby girl!

Through all of this...what Satan meant for bad, God meant for good! He created beauty out of ashes! Since we had to wait for the police and give our report, we ended up staying 2 1/2 hours, instead of the 1 hour that we had planned. During that time, Annalise and Kaitlyn were able to speak on the mic much longer. Kaitlyn continued to speak of how she just wanted them to make a decision for life on the very day that she was celebrating her 11th birthday! During that short time, TWO mothers came out and told the counselors that they had CHOSEN LIFE! And to put icing on Kaitlyn's proverbial birthday cake, we got a call while we were on our way home that they had just counseled another mom who heard Kaitlyn and she CHOSE LIFE, as well!

THREE potential birthdays in celebration of Kaitlyn's birthday! PRAISE JESUS!

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Marisol. S. said...

Praise the Lord indeed!
Another baby saved and Lord willing another brother or sister in Christ he/she will be, to serve in God's Kingdom ... how inspiring the Truth can be if people would just "listen".
John 8:32
And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

Jamie said...

This brought tears to my eyes. Praise God!

Angela DeGraaff said...

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want to scream I am so excited!!!!!!!! I love seeing God use the youngest of his children!!! What an amazing birthday present for your daughter and awesome testimony of you and your husband as parents!!! Praise God!!!!!!!!!!!

Stacy McDonald said...

Praise God for His faithfulness - and for the work He did through you!

By the way, your blog is absolutely beautiful!

Sherry said...

I have to agree...your birthday girl's dedication brought tears to my eyes, and I am so grateful that God used her to help three other babies get a chance to live! Prase God! Happy Birthday, Kaitlin!