Friday, September 24, 2010

No Baby Saves, but SUCH encouragement at the Abortion Mill!

The two South Korean women here to learn from US pro-lifers, in order to start the first-ever pro-life ministry in South Korea!

Today was a very interesting day at the abortion mill. We thought one baby had been saved, but they ended up returning right before we packed up to leave. So, so sad. She really didn't want to be there today, doing that. It's always heartbreaking to walk away with no KNOWN victories, but we do have some other praises.

The first was that a young mother came to the mill to minister. She is 7 months pregnant and came FIVE times to abort the baby within her womb. She also had an abortion there years before. She said that the thing that haunts her from her first abortion was seeing the canister fill with blood and small baby parts, as the machine made strange sucking noises. Much emotional distress followed. After that abortion she gave birth to a son, who is now 1 years old, and then unexpectedly found herself pregnant with this child. She went five times to abort her baby, but left each of the first 4 times after remembering the sights and sounds of her first abortion. When she finally gained enough "courage" to go into this mill on her 5th visit, she got as close to aborting her baby as getting to the ultrasound room. They told her she was 10 weeks, not 7, and she asked to see the screen (they routinely turn the screen away, using ultrasounds as a means of identifying fetal age and the price of the abortion...they don't want mothers to see the truth and reality of LIFE). The technician said, "Well, we're not supposed to do this, but here." And she turned the screen toward the mom, who then said that she could not go through with it. She went out to get a refund and said that she was talked to "like a dog." They cussed at her and outright refused to give her the money back, but finally gave back $160, even though she paid close to $400. The disgusting thing is about these "pro-choicers" is that they never want women to make a choice that doesn't end up lining their wallets with money and they're dumpsters with babies!

The Mom (7 months pregnant) who chose life (far left) talking to a "bouncer", as Sassy walks away, after verbaly assaulting this mother who made a choice that Sassy did not like!

Later on this mother who chose life for this baby saw some other counselors talking to a woman at the call center (the building next to the mill that makes abortion appointments for 3 southeastern abortion clinics). She "bee-lined" it over there to talk to this woman. When she did, one of the staff of the mill (we call her Sassy, as that's exactly how she acts) comes running out taking photos of her on the property talking to this women. Being that it was this mother's first time out there ministering she did not know about the property lines. After being told as to where the line was, she didn't really think that they applied to her this time, since she had come there 6 other times before and was technically a patron. Sassy got mad, took photos, verbally insulted this mother and called the cops. The young mother left before the cops arrived (they're so used to getting calls from the clinic that they do not hurry to get there any longer...they are known to waste the officer's time). When the police got there, Sassy showed them a huge folder full of 8x10 photos of all of us (kids included) ministering at the mill. Interesting...we never knew that they cared enough about us to keep our photos in an album (LOL). She tried to argue her case, saying they should arrest us for "blocking the driveway" (we hand brochures out to cars entering...the drive is never blocked) or at least give us a citation. Long story short, the police sided with us and said everything looked to be perfectly legal. Sassy was so mad. Their evil plans were crushed by an Almighty God!!! Thank you to ALL who prayed for our safety, as this is just one aspect of it!!

"'No weapon forged against you will prevail, and you will refute every tongue that accuses you. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, and this is their vindication from me,' declares the LORD."

Isaiah 54:17

After this, Andrea brought by two South Korean women who just flew in from South Korea last night! They were here, on the request of their Priest, to scope out pro-life ministry in the United States, in order to start a first-even pro-life ministry in South Korea. Abortion is illegal (for now) in South Korea, but many women are getting them from their doctors or hospitals because of a law that was passed that protects them from post-abortion prosecution. In South Korea it is preferred that you have a boy child and that you NEVER get pregnant out of wedlock, so abortion is now sought by many. Because abortion is technically illegal there, they said that there isn't even a Korean word for "Pro-Life". Churches do not speak out on it, because to most it's a mute issue since it's illegal. However....many babies are still being killed and absolutely no one is there to speak on their behalf. These brave women want to be able to take back information to South Korea on how best to minister to women in unwanted pregnancies. Their plans are just wonderful and they have learned a lot already. That was a REFRESHING sight to see women from another country trying to spread this ministry to their hometowns. Please join me in praying for their safety, as they do anticipate some type of persecution for their efforts. [See, we have it so easy to stand up for babies in the USA, but most of us just sit back and allow it to happen. Let these women INSPIRE you to action!!!]

Last, but not least, we found such encouragement through two women that Annalise and her friend, Theresa, were able to stop before they entered the mill parking lot and give them literature. When these two women -a mom and daughter - took the information and realized what these girls were telling them "that place" was, they immediately were angered. They were not angry at us, but angry at the OB/GYN who had directed this woman to an abortion clinic when the daughter (the patient) was not even pregnant. She was seeking another type of gynecological care. After listening in on speaker phone as this young lady call her OB/GYN in disgust, they denied ever sending her there and were OUTRIGHT rude about it. These ladies told us that there was a sign in the OB office that told of abortion starting at $275 at a local clinic. Obviously there was miscommunication (and rude communication) for them to send a non-pregnant women to a place that only does abortions. Through this we did learn that abortions are PROMOTED outright at local OB/GYN offices. These women ended up sharing their own testimonies (POWERFUL, Sprit-led stuff). We all held hands and prayed for babies to be saved and mills to be CLOSED. The prayer was led by the mother, and let me just say how refreshing this was to be encouraged so immensely at the end of a day!

Overall, God really encouraged us, though there were no saves of which we're aware. Thank you, again and again, to those who pray for our safety. There are physical threats made at times...and certainly legal threats made...though the enemy has NEVER prevailed! Thank you for all who encourage us and surround us AND THE MOMS AND BABIES with prayer. This means MORE than you can ever know! I just know that the strength of our ministry is due to the faithful prayers of friends!! THANK YOU!

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Jamie said...

Ok Lisa, I know that there is nothing funny about this post but I crack up every time you talk about "Sassy"! "Sassy walking away....." LOL

Please forgive me. WE need to pray for Sassy. She is blinded.