Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Request from a mother who chose life!

We have had a request for this toy HERE for a baby who was spared death from abortion. The mother has $30 to put toward it, I have $21. That leaves another $17. Does anyone want to donate to this cause? I know that it's not a necessity, but she did request this from me and I would love to show her how Jesus provides for even the "wants" in life, on occassion. If you'd like to donate, please just comment and I can send you info on how to get me the extra money.

Thank you!

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Heather Ellis said...

I can. I think it's important she knows we still love her even after the baby was saved and born! I can't paypal, but will put it in an envelope today and mail it if you want to message me an addy, it shouldn't take more than a day or so to get there since we are so close!

Lisa (Lively) Metzger said...

I'll Facebook it to you. :) THANK YOU!

Sherry (from OSA) said...

I see you have that need met. We wanted to help out with the diapers and formula, but I'm not sure how to contact you or Amanda. Please advise...

Lisa Metzger said...


Hey! That is so generous. The best way to help out is to send me the money (either by check or through PayPal). I know...not as "fun" as sending something personaly, but since Amanda only needs things on and off we don't always need to be giving only to her. There is another mom (7 mos. pregnant with a gril) who needs EVERYTHING (she's really, really poor) and others who just needs odds and ends, after choosing life for their babies. What I plan on doing, if I get regular donations from people, is to go to yard sales and look for things that women need (bouncy seats, cribs, etc.). Is that something you'd be interested in helping us with? I would send updates as to what the money has gone toward, too!

E-mail me at: carolinametzgers@earthlink.net

~ Lisa