Saturday, September 25, 2010

Two More Baby Saves!!

The Wilson Family just reported two more saves at Latrobe today! The first was a mother who had already been to the Crisis Pregnancy Center. She heard Jeannette talking on the mic, changed her mind, and came OUT of the mill to talk to Jeannette...and pray with her!

The other save was reported by Andrea. Jeannette had talked to this young woman who had deceived her "Gamma" into thinking she was driving her to a dental appointment. She ended up sneaking over to the mill (to, of course, have an abortion). On her walk over, she ended up taking some literature from Jeannette and listened to what Jeannette said as she walked right into the open arms of a very evil mill employee.

AFTER the Wilsons left, Jeannette got a phone call from Andrea that this mom READ the literature, asked to see her baby's image on the ultrasound (but was refused!!!!!), thought of what Jeannette had told her, knew Jeannette was right and changed her mind! The mill did not NEARLY give her a full refund (this is common..they are all about $$), but she came out anyway! Pray that God works in her life! She did go to the Pregnancy Resource Center with Andrea and then back to her Gamma, who was at her church!

PRAISING JESUS! Won't you all join us out there on the frontlines? If you're in the Charlotte area and would like to come out with us one day, please e-mail me! If you are distant, please look into your own area ministries...go out one Saturday to an abortion mill and meet fellow pro-lifers!

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