Thursday, September 30, 2010

We're having a GIRL!

Eva Caroline! So active within my womb at only 18 weeks! And to think that we could still choose to kill her in NC for another 2 weeks and in other states for another 6! So sad that so many are lied to about their baby's lives!

Here are some photos of the kids on their scavenger hunt! We used riddles and clues to lead them from one place to another, looking for clue upon clue. The last clue announced that they were having a little sister....EVA CAROLINE METZGER, due February 28th. So much fun!

Here's a video of the children finding out if he was Isaiah or she was Eva!

Daddy showed the children Eva's ultrasound photos!

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Anonymous said...

That was a precious video! And congratulations on the new baby girl! I loved seeing how excited they all were!

Jen C

Florence said...

Hey, met your husband in Rock Hill today at the Life Chain. I was the one who spoke to him about the forty days for life.....what a great guy......I'm Catholic and I'm Christian. We laughed about that when he said, "You are all Catholic.....but we are Christians." It was funny. I keep hearing that lately - believe me, I'm Christian, and was born a Catholic over 50 years ago......I have four beautiful children, and like you both I feel that life is the most precious gift from God. I'm praying everyday to end abortion. I am hoping to get to Charlotte this week.....I've never prayed at an abortion clinic, but do want to do it. I see God has truly blessed all of you.....amazing family!! :)

maureen said...

Congratulations! I am so happy for you! I love to read your blog and you are inspiring me to pray for all of the little souls to be born and to end abortion in our lifetime!