Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Guarding Family Meal Time and Nightly Worship

The Family Meal Table is a wonderful book by Nancy Campbell that will give you a vision for your family meal table far beyond what you have ever dreamed. Filled with Scriptural inspiration and creative ideas for your family mealtimes, there are 35 chapters filled with scriptural inspiration and creative ideas for your family mealtimes and hospitality.

Our family really guards our evening meal times and family worship from other activities that our family might encounter. Night time is family time and/or time for hospitality (our guests even get to join in on our family worship). Kids grow up too quickly, and before we know it we've traded that time for things we deemed more important then, but really weren't as important as we thought.

The beauty of family worship is that it really encourages the dad (if a Christian, obviously) to stand up and be the spiritual leader within his home. It pushes him to spiritual growth and really teaches the kids about what's most important in a dad's life, as well as their own. It doesn't have to be planned or fancy. Ours is basically the reading of Scripture and a devotional. Mark explains it so that they all understand and will answer questions that they have. He has them memorize some Scriptures and recite them (a few of the kids recite each night, or we'd go on forever!) and then we sing a few songs. It probably takes anywhere from 15-30 minutes. Easy...and SO worth it!!!!!

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Jamie said...

My hubby works many nights but is home during the morning and afternoon. How do you feel about extracurricular activities? So far, nothing that we do has conflicted with meal times. I too love Nancy Campbell's manuals. She is one of my spiritual mentors. I have learned so much from her.

Lisa (Lively) Metzger said...

Jamie, I don't think there's anything to nighttime routines if your husband is working then. I'd just switch it around. It's not the time of day that's important, but the content of that time you set aside. You could do a special lunch (showing hospitality, if desired) with family worship following. I think that would be cool!

~ Lisa