Friday, November 19, 2010

Bags, Booties and Blessings Project!

As some of you might know our oldest child, Annalise, has started her own ministry to help out moms and babies who have been saved from the terrors of abortion. Her new ministry, Helping Hands, Saving Lives helps aid our family as we minister at abortion clinics. Her goals, like ours, are to save babies and provide long-term help, support and care for mothers who choose life, while showing them the love of Jesus. She will post all our abortion mill reports, saves and baby shower photos to this site and teach others how to have an effective ministry, saving babies! Do you want to be able to contribute to our family's ministry in saving lives and ministering to them in Jesus' name.

Her newest project is to help us be able to save even more LIVES from abortion! Read more about Bags, Booties and Blessings project and see if you can help!

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