Sunday, November 28, 2010

No school until 2011 - The Beauties of Year-Round Homeschooling more school until January 3, 2011! Why such an extended break? Well, we school year-round and far exceed our states minimum requirements for 180 days of homeschooling. Instead of taking off school during the hot and unbearable summer months in the south, we choose to take our "summer" break (albeit not as long as government schools) in the beautiful fall, and then over Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years!

Benefits of year-round schooling are numerous. Let me see how many I can list....

  1. To establish a consistent schedule, which is great for those who still have toddlers or preschoolers or those dealing with learning disabilities or ADHD. Everyone knows what to expect and there's no "getting back into the swing of things" quite like with a "regular school schedule".

  2. No "summer break brain freeze" that kids experience when returning to school in the fall.

  3. No brain freeze = we don't have much review when starting a new grade, so we can skip the first near 1/4 of the curricula.

  4. No beginning of the grade review = getting ahead in grades each time we finish the previous grade.

  5. Getting ahead in grade levels = graduating early; adding more electives in high school; taking college level classes in high school; more free time/break time during the school year.

  6. Shorter school days, if you schedule correctly and work more (but shorter) days throughout the year.

  7. Plenty of time during the school year to take a break when mom deems it necessary...when having or adopting a new sibling; to prevent burnout; to take vacations during the off-season; just because....

Think that this sounds like something you might be interested in doing in your homeschool? Do some research and weigh the pros and cons. Remember, each homeschool is vastly different, and no homeschool should be a cookie cutter replica of another homeschool! Research, Weigh, Pray...then step out and do what's best for your family!

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Anonymous said...

We homeschool year round for this very reason. We can usually be done with school work in 4 hours or less and half the rest of the day to go out in the community.

We also take an extended break over the holidays...although we do count certain activities for our elective hours!

Union, MO

Jenifer said...

We stick fairly close to the standard school year, yet we don't. We start in Aug and end in May with the same two weeks at Christmas and Spring time. In the summer time we do take off, however, we still do some things. Every day the kids have to spend an hour reading. They get math by helping with cooking and that kind of thing and anytime I can incorperate an learning into anything, I do.

Homeschooling is such a blessing.