Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Pro-Choice - Is it really about CHOICE? Hardly!

Comment: If it's really about "choice" they wouldn't get so mad when the moms choose life! Instead they harrass them when they change their minds and let their child live!

Response: Exactly! When we are at the abortion mill, we always bring up (on the microphone)how WE'RE reallly the ones about CHOICE, as we have the information on *all* their options...including abortion. We challenge the moms to ask those inside for info on adoption or parenting resources [there are NONE]; to see their own medical records, particularly the ultrasound machinescreen, that the staff doesn't want them to see [the staff will either refuse or hesitate]; to listen to our words that they try to drown out via their "music"; to wonder why they don't allow small children/babies in the waiting room [it reminds the moms of what could be if they choose life].

The truth is...they only offer one choice in those mills...the one that lines their pockets with CASH! When someone wants info on something that might lose them the "sale", they cringe and freak out! What choice is there in that? None. It's nothing about the WOMAN! It's nothing about CHOICE! Rather, it's all about the MONEY! And they'll say and do whatever is necessary to bring about that sale.

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