Monday, December 13, 2010

A Large Family Christmas - Gift Giving

This year we finally decided to try something new....having the children draw names, instead of everyone buying for Kaitlyn and everyone buying for Trey and so on. Doing it the old way made for many "discussions" on what's to be gotten for that person. But this new far, so good! I have no idea why I didn't think of this before!

In late November, each child reached into a had and picked out a name (Annalise chose her own name 4 times, which was cause for much laughter) and all have shopped for their special brother or sister. Since our children earn money for extra chores they do around the house and had money saved up, a $20 cap was set, because most wanted to just spend everything on their selected sibling (sniff, sweet). Most of the deals were found either on "Cyber Monday" or on special "shopping dates" with Mommy.

Does this sound like something you might want to do in your large (or even small) family? What's your large family gift-giving plan?

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Ware Family said...

Our first year of drawing names was last year, and we were very pleased with the outcome! We have five children, and this year momma and daddy were put in the hat. We are very pleased with drawing names!

Susan Evans said...

We do one gift per family, that the whole family can enjoy. For our own children we've gotten one nice gift per child from us as parents. Then the children buy for each other, but they go to second-hand stores to find like-new things that their siblings would enjoy. (They earn their own money through extra chores.) So there are lots of presents, even though there is a low expenditure of money.

Amanda said...

I have only recently discovered this blog (an answer to prayer!), so I am 2 years behind, lol. But I'll leave my two cents anyway. For Christmas, each of our 5 children receive 3 gifts apiece in honor of the 3 gifts given to Jesus by the wise men. This past year each child received 1 gift of books, 1 gift of 'special' clothing like a princess dress, cowboy outfit, or just a pretty dress, and 1 special toy. They also each received an "In Honor Of" donation to Samaritain's Purse in their name for a special purpose specific to each child. We have devotion time, sing "Happy Birthday Jesus", then open gifts! :)