Monday, December 20, 2010

Sharing Christmas...

This week on At The Well they are sharing ways that we all keep CHRIST in Christmas. How does this look in your life? Do you do something with your church? Do you do something as a family? This week will truly be special, because we will get ideas of how to keep the true meaning of Christmas in our communities, homes, and hearts!

Our family is sharing our Christmas celebrations with a mother who rejected abortion and chose life for the baby inside her, who is due in April. Blessing, the 18 year old mom, is staying at a local maternity home, but had nowhere to go for the Christmas break. Three regular sidewalk counselors from "our" abortion mill (one of whom is our family), decided to open our homes to her and SHOW HER JESUS this Christmas season. Our family is blessed to be able to have Blesssing stay with us on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day!

By showing her the love and JOY that Jesus brings to our family and our celebrations, and by sharing Christ with her in our words, actions and conversations, we are truly keeping Christ in CHRISTmas!

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Jespren said...

I didn't see a 'contact' option or a profile so I figured id just leave a reply. I'm a (relatively) young Christian mom/wife and i'd like to ask a question about Quiverfull and physical difficulties. Could you please contact me?

Lexi said...

What a wonderful ministry opportunity! I know your family will be such an encouragement and support to her.
Our family has been recently convicted about our lack of community involvement and our hearts are being turned toward how we can serve. We're working to find some new ways to branch out and minister to others.
I hope you have a wonderful Christmas with your family!
I'm excited to have found your blog and see that you share many of our same values. Looking forward to reading through your posts.