Thursday, December 30, 2010

Third Wave of Homeschool Persecution - Be Aware!

This article is a MUST READ for every Christian homeschooler! This is the THIRD WAVE OF ARGUMENT that seeks to curtail or crush the homeschooling movement—specifically, the Christian homeschooling movement—is coming. You need to know about it. You need to get ready to fight it. My parents, among many others, fought hard so that we could have the homeschooling freedoms we enjoy today. Prepare to fight for this same right so that your children have this incredible freedom to home educate!

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Jen said...

I couldn't find the link to this, but I goolged it and found it. Wow, that is really scary. Looks like we may have a fight on our hands in the years ahead. Thanks for the post and info.

Lisa (Lively) Metzger said...

Glad you found it, but the link is highlighted in "this"...part of "This article is a must read"....

~ Lisa