Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Bush Signs Bill To Bank All Newborns' DNA - In Effect NOW...Refuse the test!

Look at THIS article!

The effects of The Newborn Screening Saves Lives Act of 2007 could be something where HIGHLY unethical things are done, including eugenics (Remind you of anyone...Hitler, maybe?). I have refused and will continue to refuse this blood draw (drawn during the PKU heel stick - either right after birth or at the pediatrician's office...test and banking cannot be separated since tests are sent to Raleigh) due to religious reasons. I don't want my child's DNA floating out there in some government DNA bank. Who knows what they'll "create" and/or "test" in years to come with MY child's DNA! Scary stuff! What was Bush thinking? This just doesn't sit well with me, knowing all that I know about medical research on aborted babies who survived abortions. Ugh...........

Check out these important links...don't be ignorant of what this could mean for our future!

*This is a "deep" site...scary stuff is found on here in relation to the newborn screening tests (when sample is recovered at the PKU heel stick)

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