Thursday, January 6, 2011

Excellent (and inexpensive) Homeschool Science Online Courses!


I have found such an awesome resource for homeschooling! Since I am not very interested in teaching science, I am always looking for new and exciting (and easy) ways to teach science effectively and interestingly to my children. Well, I found another great resource!

Science Jim is just too cool! Right now he is offering (here) a Physics of Flight 4 week class for ages 8 and up via a live webcast on his website (links above). It's only $16 to bundle them OR you can choose which class(es) you want to take. I was really impressed by the video clips AND with what I've seen from him of Currclick! My children are so excited to be signed up for the Physics of Flight classes and are itching to watch the rest of the his Currclick bundle that I bought for $35!

When you go to Currclick, search for "Science Jim" and I really like this guy and the kids are so excited about science. Mommy is even more excited because someone else is doing the teaching and helping to conduct the experiments!! Woo-hoo! Not bad!

On another note....I would greatly appreciate it if you searched and bought any items from Currclick through this link, as I make a little off of your purchase (should you decide to do so). Check out their affiliate program at Currclick if you have a blog, as well, as every little bit helps to cut that budget! ;)


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~Karen said...

Sounds awesome, Lisa! i have looked at Currclick items but have yet to actually purchase any so it is nice to know that you like them.

If I decide to get something else, will you get credit if I go through this link or is it item specific?

Lisa Metzger said...

Thanks, Karen! Yes, I'll always get credit no matter what you order, if you just start by clicking that link or the one on my lefthand sidebar! They have some really cool stuff. My wishlist is so big...but I have to tone it down, if you know what I mean or else I'll go on curriculum overload! LOL!


Kay said...

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