Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Get Organized and Save!

Order by January 18 and save 35% off the retail price when you use the coupon below*. The "Get Organized…and Save!" Resource Pack will save you hundreds of dollars on regular family expenses. At the incredible price of just $56 (after coupon) for these five hands-on resource books, the knowledge gained from The "Get Organized…and Save!" Resource Pack is an investment that will pay for itself again and again! Use coupon code GETORGANIZED and receive 35% off your purchase.

Learn how to reduce your grocery bill, save time in the kitchen, plan ahead, improve your laundry and cleaning routines, prepare for emergencies, and maximize your budget. Presenting a myriad of inspiring ideas and practical "how to" tips, this collection is sure to be an important part of your day-to-day life and help equip you to excel in running your household.

The Get Organized, and Save Resource Pack includes the following five books:

Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half

Find out how much your family can save in Steve and Annette Economides’ new book, Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half.

Imagine grocery shopping once a week or less, eating healthier, and having more free time — all while saving money. Sound too good to be true? “America’s cheapest family” takes one grocery trip per month — and spends only $350 for their family of seven! For the Economides family it’s a reality, and it can be yours too.

What could the average family do with an extra $3,000 a year? “America’s Cheapest Family” shows you how to use strategies, tips, tools, and tricks in Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half so that you, too, can achieve huge savings year after year. It’s a fact, the Economides say: saving money on groceries is one of the quickest ways to start making a positive difference in your family’s financial future.

And these tips and strategies can work whether you’re shopping for seven or for one!

Spend less time shopping and cooking
Get more bang for your organic buck
Discover kitchen tools that simplify and streamline meal preparations
Learn many ways to eat out or eat in and save big
Turn your freezer into a money-making machine

By Steve & Annette Economides. Paperback. 272 pages.

America's Cheapest Family Gets You Right on the Money

As you read America’s Cheapest Family, you’ll feel like you’re getting your own private coaching session from two frugal experts who preach what they practice. Steve and Annette Economides, a dynamic husband-and-wife duo, include lots of stories — their own, and the stories of others they've helped. You'll be taken through every area of a household budget, from clothes to cars and lots more in between, as you discover how to trim debt and develop the right budget for your home.

Learn to save money and time on feeding your family, plan fun and inexpensive recreation, and even take great vacations — all without debt. It's not about formulas and calculations, it’s more about figuring out what’s really important to your family, and then making it happen.

Get a first-hand “behind the scenes” look at how this frugal family has lived, raised five happy kids, paid off their first house in nine years, never had a car payment, and had lots of family fun along the way.

By Steve & Annette Economides. Paperback. 288 pages.

Large Family Logistics: The Art and Science of Managing the Large Family

Moms have many tasks to tackle and obstacles to overcome: the laundry monster, household clutter and cleaning needs, caring for babies and little ones, menu planning and mealtime routines, town outings, homeschooling, bill paying—and even more!

Like many wives and mothers, author Kim Brenneman didn’t start out with all of the answers. She struggled to figure out: What do I do next? What’s the best way to actually do the many things that need to be done? And how do I get everything accomplished in a 24-hour day and keep my sanity?

In Large Family Logistics, Kim outlines practical solutions she has learned to effectively manage a busy household. This how-to manual is filled with step-by-step procedures, easy-to- understand organizational advice, and a myriad of tips and hints for managing a bustling home with greater efficiency in a way that honors God and builds up family relationships.

Sensible and straightforward, Kim tackles the nitty- gritty, day-to-day challenges moms face and also offers sound counsel on how to plan and accomplish long-term domestic goals. An invaluable home management resource that will equip busy moms to get beyond survival mode and thrive!

Large Family Logistics has lots of helpful ideas to encourage moms to prioritize their lives and get their surroundings organized using creative methods. These tips will free up time and allow moms to stay focused on their children's hearts. —Michelle Duggar of '19 Kids and Counting' How I would have loved to have had a manual like this when I first started having children! Kim's eminently practical book offers real solutions to a multitude of the logistical issues of running a household, and these solutions apply whether you have a household of two or twenty! —Beall Phillips, mother of 8 and author of Verses of Virtue

Problem Solving How-Tos Include:

Fit it All in a Day
Take Control of Clutter
Conquer the Laundry Monster
Homeschool a Large Family
Manage Your Family's Expenses
Train Older Children to Help Younger Children
Achieve Good Physical Health
And Much More!

By Kim Brenneman. Hardback. 312 pages.

Fix, Freeze, Feast 125 Recipes

Learn how to buy groceries in bulk, prepare family-friendly meals, freeze appropriate portions in labeled bags, and defrost and serve whenever a quick, homemade meal is needed. Fix, Freeze, Feast presents a complete system for getting organized and putting healthy, satisfying meals on the dinner table. Most recipes begin with a warehouse club tray pack of chicken, beef, or pork, and include instructions for dividing, preparing, and storing the raw ingredients. A second set of simple directions describes how to thaw and cook the food. With Fix, Freeze, Feast, dinner is always in the freezer!

By Kati Neville & Lindsay Tkacsik. Hardback. 250 pages.

Just In Case: How to Be Self-Sufficient When the Unexpected Happens

Disaster can strike at any time. Be one of the prepared few by following Kathy Harrison's practical plan for emergency self-sufficiency. Learn how to evaluate, organize, and rotate your food supply; pack an evacuation kit; protect important documents from fire; develop a communications system; make nutritious soup with canned and dried pantry items; and entertain the kids in difficult circumstances. Everything you need to know to survive when public services fail is covered in this essential guide to family preparedness.

"An ideal preparedness guide for families." - James Wesley Rawles, editor of

"This book has information that will save lives." - Russel L Honore

By Kathy Harrison. Paperback. 240 pages.

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