Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Metzgers at The Sanctity of Life Weekend in Charlotte

Mark spoke to the crowd at the Memorial service in uptown Charlotte about how important it is to just take your family out to minister and pray at the local abortion mills.

Mark holds a sign in Spanish on the corner of Trade and Tryon.

The Bower family, who ministers alonside us at the abortion mill, holds signs and passes out pro-life literature.

One of the Bower boys passes out literature to a woman.

Annalise and Caroline Wilson, who also ministers with us at the mill, attempt to hand out tracts to business men on lunch break.

Elizabeth and Stephen Wilson listening to the praise and worship, while remembering all the millions upon millions of babies who have been murdered in the name of choice.

Our good friend, Jesse Boyd of Full Proof Gospel Ministries, speaks the truth with a sign he is holding.

Me (and Eva) being interviewed by Fox.

(Above) Some of our church family at The Sanctity of Life dinner, which was wonderful! The plans that they have for ridding Charlotte, NC of abortion is AMAZING! Praying that all 350 who attended will take part in making abortion a thing of the past here in NC!

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