Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Ministering on the 38th Anniversary of Roe vs. Wade

Annalise (in the white coat) standing by, waiting to give literature and talk to moms on their way into the clinic parking lot. Many NOW women from the University of NC at Charlotte showed up to show their support for death. They laughed outloud at stories told by post-abortive women on the mic and about women bleeding out at the McDonald's at the corner following an abortion. It was very obvious that their respect for life is null and void.

(Above) Mark speaks and witnesses to some NOW women. Most made fun of him, but one woman did listen and engage in civil conversation. Pray that she remembers and her heart is softened!

Jamie and Josiah Boyd!

Precious Sidewalk Counselor, Andrea, who shares her powerful testimony! I wish that more post-abortive women would overlook their shame through Jesus' forgiveness and speak out to the women who come to these clinics!

Pastor Ferebee was talking to Coffee (the clinic bodyguard).

I was talking on the mic to the women inside and those walking into the place of death. Two go in and only one comes out alive. Heartbreaking and sobering!

Below - More clinic workers and NOW women. All except one couple appeared to be gays and lesbians. So sad to see them so rooted in their own eternal destruction. Pray for them!

Joan (elderly lady in all blue, walking) is a post-abortive, bitter NOW woman who takes pride in her position on death! She is the most obviously demon-possessed woman I've seen at this clinic (and that says a LOT). She shakes and talks to herself when you pray or quote Scripture. Please join us in praying for her by name! I told her that we pray for her by name every night.

Coffee (a clinic "guard") poses in arrogance. Pray for his hardened heart to be softened!

Our pastor - Jimmy Ferebee - speaking on the mic to the women inside the clinic, waiting to abort their children. This was Pastor Ferebee's first time out at the mill.

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roxanne said...

This makes me sad. Thank you guys for being faithful servants. May God bless you.