Saturday, January 1, 2011

Need a Breadmaker for Local Maternity Home for Women in Crisis Pregnancies

As some of you know, we have been able to get to know B, an unwed mother who is staying at a local maternity home...she chose life for her baby!

The Wilsons, Hearns and our family have "adopted" her while she is here in town and will be mentoring and hosting her until her baby girl is born. Jeannette Wilson has offered to teach a bread-making class, at the enthusiastic request of Blessing, to the women at Lois Lodge (the home for unwed mothers in crisis pregnancies here in Charlotte). However, after this skill is learned, they will really need to be able to make bread themselves. Soooo...we are on the lookout for a donation of a breadmaker. Nothing fancy; used is FINE! Does anyone in the Charlotte area have an extra breadmaker? Would someone be willing to purchase one used for us? Would you be willing to donate money to this goal if we can find one for a good price?

Thank you!

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