Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Days! Do you take off Homeschool?

Q. Since there's no missing the bus and no slippery and hazardous roads to avoid, do you still insist on having your children do their schoolwork on "southern snow days", since they are few and far between?

A. Nope...we take off! When I was homeschooled myself, my Mom let us take off, as well. Being southerners, who know that snow doesn't come that often in this neck of the woods, we take every opportunity to do "life school" on snow day! This "life school" would include the following!

Science Lessons

  • Weather
  • Earth science
  • Making of a snow gauge (HERE)
  • Capturing and studying of snowflakes (HERE)
  • Learning about the water cycle (HERE)
  • Research snow animals/hibernating animals
  • Density of water, snow and ice (HERE)
  • and more... (HERE)

Math Snow Lessons

  • Figuring out Snow to Liquid Equivalent Conversion (HERE)
  • Learning how to make a snow gauge (HERE)
  • Graph the snowfall by the hour
  • More winter math (HERE)

Geography Lessons

  • Research what areas of country receive the most snowfall (National Snow and Ice Data Center)
  • Research which area of the state recevied more snow this time and why (approach of the storm, air temps, elevation, etc.)

Survival Training

  • Learn to build an igloo (HERE)
  • Surviving in snow (HERE)
  • Wilderness Survival (HERE)
  • Building a lean-to (HERE)

Dramatic Arts/Creative Play

  • Playing "fort"
  • Pretending to be stranded in the wilderness
  • Making snow forts, angels

Physical Education

  • Running, jumping, hiking through snow, etc.
  • Sledding
  • Building snow forts
  • Throwing snowballs

The Metzgers Eating Snow Cream (12/26/10)

Home Economics

  • Planning snow attire the night before
  • Gathering and laying out snow gear the night before in anticipation (this is a needed skill, especially in a large family)
  • Learning how to organize and care for wet clothing/shoes (logical place for everyone to enter the house, where to place the boots/shoes, put wet coats and such in the dryer)
  • Making snow cream (HERE)
  • Making hot cocoa
  • Planning for and making a hot soup for lunch or dinner
  • Starting a fire (either gas or wood-burning)

As you can see this list could go on and on! The beauty about homeschooling is that you can do things like taking a day off to enjoy the beauty of God's creations, while learning through having fun! Since we school year-round, we also do not have the pressure to finish our lessons at a certain time of the year (although, even if you DON'T school year-round, you can tack on extra days as needed, as well). Try to break out from that school-timeline/schedule mindset and be free to utilize the resources that surround you every day! Take time and enjoy making memories by homeschooling "real life lessons" now and again!

What are your winter weather or snow day ideas for your homeschool?

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wordwranglernc said...

Oooh~ I love this list!

My hubby will make snow cream with them tonight. Looking forward to it!

Thanks for stopping by my blog and sharing your thoughts. I love to learn from other moms!

Tracy G. said...

We have that SAME dining room table!! It was a great Craigslist find and a true blessing (as our other table was too small and about to collapse)! Sadly, the woman who was selling it was going through a divorce, but we really benefited. She sold it plus 8 matching chairs to us for less than half of what she paid for it. Have you found a trick yet for keeping those black lines clean?

Lisa (Lively) Metzger said...

Tracy....we got that table at Waxhaw Furniture Factory Outlet World...a place that picks up furniture "extras" nationwide and offers them at outstanding prices. We got that set for a steal! LOVE IT! It's my "dream table" and probably my most favorite piece of furniture!

And, no....I have NO idea how to keep those grooves clean, except to use a big ol' table cloth to keep the crumbs from going there in the first place...but yet there are still those crumbs! :)

~ Lisa

Tracy G. said...

I think I'd rather deal with the crumbs than cover up that beautiful table! It's my favorite, too.