Saturday, February 5, 2011

Botched Abortion at our Abortion Mill today....

This morning Mark and the kids and I headed out on my birthday to the Latrobe abortion mill to minister to women and try to save babies from their scheduled demise. As we were leaving the clinic around 12:00, we passed by an ambulance that was headed down Latrobe Drive with flashing lights but no sirens. The paramedics are instructed by abortion mill staff to keep their sirens silenced, as to not alarm the other patients waiting on their own abortions. The way in which all these “healthcare professionals”work together to conceal the truth in order to aid and abed in the murderous crime of abortion is so obvious to those who know the truth and know Jesus! As soon as we saw the ambulance, we knew to what destination the paramedics were headed, and we turned our vehicle around to catch the horrors and truth of abortion on camera.

While waiting on the woman to be wheeled out to the ambulance, Mark brought out our handheld PA system to tell the women inside what was happening right there in the parking lot. Because there was no ambulance siren and the window shades of the mill are drawn closed, these women sit inside completely unaware of the butchering happening to another mother in the same building. The feeling of wanting them to know what could happen to them next weighed heavily on our hearts, and we were praying for the truth to be heard and seen and for minds to be changed! It’s like yelling, “Fire! FIRE”, while watching more victims walk right into the scorching flames! The feeling of helplessness is overwhelming, but still we must stand firm in proclaiming the truth, praying that perhaps one will hear and change her course of direction!

Sadly, the young woman who received the botched abortion from Mr. Virmani was wheeled out. She was veiled behind a sheet, which was held by the same nurses who had just moments before aided in killing this woman’s child and butchering the woman they wheeled out of the building. All this happened while Coffee (a bouncer/deathscort) was waving another set of victims into the parking lot. A pizza delivery truck pulled in shortly after, while the ambulance was still waiting on the patient, to deliver food to the staff who would eat lunch after dismissing this patient from their “care”. While all this is going on, another couple in the parking lot, argued with Josh and Mark about how they had no right to judge. The couple started laughing, mocking and WALTZING in the parking lot. The joyous and giddy bouncers just added to the scene. It’s as if all the demons present came out into the parking lot to throw some sort of bizarre party, in celebration of destroying one life and shattering another.

Please pray for this woman. Pray that something we said on the mic sometime earlier sticks with this woman and brings her to repentance and salvation in Jesus!

Here is the video (1:44 is where they wheel her out), which shows the TRUTH that these mills seek to hide.

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Jen said...

So heartbreaking. It brought me to tears. I wish they would open their eyes and see what they are doing. I would love another child but it just hasn't happened.
I remember my friend from high school ringing me and asking if she should have an abortion because the baby's Father wanted her too. She now has a healthy ten year old girl!!

Sheryl Chandler said...

I thank the LORD that your family was there both to witness this tragedy and testify Truth into this evil, wicked situation. Thank you for exposing the devil's dark deeds and telling the Church about this. May God open blind eyes and soften stony hearts, both inside and outside His church.

Sheryl Chandler

Redeemed1 said...

What a heartbreaking story. I will be praying.

Anonymous said...

Hi. I am a member of MOMYS and reg read your blog. God bless your family for what you are doing. My own sister planned an abortion for her sweet little girl. PTL she didn't and Hazel is a bright lovely 7 yr old.
SO sorry that this happened and praying for that poor woman.
Stacy (aka busymomys)

Candice said...

So incredibly sad. Yes, it is only by the force of Satan that these things are committed and employees can 'dance' in the parking lot of a baby killing mill.

Josie said...

So sad. I'm so glad to hear you walk the walk and stand at the clinics and pray. Bless you.