Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Cheap Date Nights!

Mark and I have made it a priority to have a weekly date night for years now! It is something we look forward to every week. If you are anything like us, you get a "high" off of a good deal and are always looking for cheap date nights. Admittedly, we are addicted to Restaurant.com and we use them EVERY single week, as the deals are too good to pass up...we can eat a 3 course meal for $20 and we get to try new restaurants. Fun, fun, fun!

After years of using Restaurant.com and loving it, I just discovered that on top of the already great deal you can get 15% CASH BACK through Ebates! Wish I'd known sooner. Click this link (pretty please) to sign up under me so I can get credit! Wow...I already liked Ebates, but now I LOVE them! Hello, even-cheaper date nights! Oh,and you get $5 in cash just for signing up! Love it!


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