Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Cost of One High School Graduate

Below is an excerpt from an article from the Civitas Capitol Connection, February 2011 edition, entitled "How Much Does It Cost to Educate a High School Graduate?" For additional information, go to to read more; also a map of NC education expenses entitle "The Cost of One High School Graduate."

We are worth a LOT of money! Consider yourself due for a raise in your "teacher's salary!"

"Approximately 37 percent of the North Carolina state budget is devoted to K-12 public education. This year North Carolina will spend approximately $7.1 billion on public elementary and secondary schools, the single biggest expenditure in the state budget. .... After gathering relevant expenditures data, Civitas staff found that the costs to graduate from a North Carolina high school vary depending on where you live. Costs range from a high of $265,395 (Tyrrell County Schools) to a low of $100,736 (Randolph County). On average, it costs North Carolinians $142,027 to educate one student through high school."

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Lea Ann@WhateverStateIAm said...

That is so interesting. In contrast, our spending per child on education decreases every year, as I become wiser in using God's methods and available resources.