Friday, March 18, 2011

Extinguishing Flaming Arrows of the Enemy

Our family has sincerely missed ministering lately at our local abortion mill. It has been nearly 6 weeks since we were last there (because of the birth of Eva and our sickness, pneumonia, hospitalization of a newborn, etc.), and apparently things have heated up as far as the spiritual warfare goes. Reports have been coming back to us that two new bouncers have taken to aggresively antagonizing enraged clientele of the mill and encouraging them in their acts of rage and anger. They have also taken to increasing their verbal attacks of the peaceful pro-life people who have gathered on the sidewalk to pray and counsel women. While this has always been a present, it seems to be getting worse.

These verbal attacks need to be seen by us as being flaming arrows from the Devil's bow. They are the same flaming arrows talked about in Ephesians 6:16: "...taking up the shield of faith with which you will be able to extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one." In addition to extinguishing the flaming arrows with our godly words, demeanors and actions, we parents can strive to raise up and send forth our own set of flaming arrows on behalf of the Heavenly Kingdom...our children! We must train them to combat such darkness as this. It can't just be learned on the spot, when they are older. We must be training them to "speak with their enemies at the gates," as in Psalm 127:5. We must train them to speak boldly, calmly and with spiritual wisdom that comes from regular Scripture reading and studying. We must arm them with the only "weapons" that stand against this kind of harassment that we encounter while ministering at these gates of hell.

Please pray for those who go out to the abortion mills in this country. Pray for the protection of the pro-lifers (physically, mentally and spiritually). This is a true spiritual battle that needs the regular and perpetual interceding of many prayer warriors. Please consider going out to a clinic near you to pray for those going in and coming out. If you can't get out to a clinic near you, please keep our family in prayer as we take the Gospel, love, healing and peace of Jesus to those who visit and work at the abortion mill. Prayer makes a difference!

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