Thursday, March 10, 2011

Today and Tomorrow: Butterfly Caterpillars 50% off!

Nature-Watch SPECIAL Offer

Butterfly Caterpillars (50% off)Available Today & Tomorrow ONLY!March 10th and 11th

Nature-Watch usually offers a coupon to redeem 5 butterfly caterpillars. The regular price for the coupon is $14.99 (plus shipping). By mistake, we just received a large supply of live caterpillars (rather than the coupons) and we don't want to see them go to waste! These are the exact same caterpillars that you would receive when you send in the coupon. They come with nutrients and with instructions. (You DO need to supply your own habitat/mesh enclosure.)

Special Offer 50% Off: $7.50 plus $6.75 for Priority Mail Shipping
To take advantage of this special offer CLICK HERE and proceed to order and checkout.

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Mama To My Crew said...

I can't get the link to work for this. I went to the Nature-Watch page and I could only find the link for the mail in that they usually have...

Lisa (Lively) Metzger said...

The link is fixed now! Thanks!