Wednesday, April 6, 2011

3 Precious Babies Saved on Friday!

A pastor and a sidewalk counselor praying over a father who went into the clinic to save his own child!

Me speaking on the mic, while the others counsel women as they drive into the clinic parking lot.

Ministering at A Preferred Women's Health Center this past Friday!

Me counseling a woman who CHOSE LIFE...J.C.!

Read the stories of the babies that were saved from abortion on my daughter, Annalise's ministy HERE!

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Kara said...

This is amazing...when you really stop and think about it...
3 actual lives spared.
It's a wonderful post.

Kathy said...

VERY VERY awesome. So glad you were given that opportunity.

I spent a few summers alone on the sidewalks in front of the Santa Barbara Planned Parenthood. Police and an unjust ordinance scared most people away (I later helped to sue the city through ACLJ and the ordinance was lifted) I have been busy the last 15 years with all that God has given me. I know that I am where he wants me and that He will us me here..but part of me misses that *obvious* life saving.

There were a few large families that came out to the sidewalk to join me. I spent time with those children and they made a life long impression on me. Im sure your will do the same :)

Lisa (Lively) Metzger said...


It took 12 years after getting married to get back out on the sidewalk defending the unborn and reaching out the women. I grew up doing pro-life work and this is a ministry that I want to do through "retirement". In fact, I have a plan on just how to "retire" to pro-life work...and I'm only 34! LOL!

Thank you for your years of service!