Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Blanket Training

School time in a homeschool can be tough when you have little ones at everyone’s feet wanting to be in everyone’s school work. When you finally feel you have an older child ready to begin seatwork or a project, little Johnny or Suzie comes over to scribble on his or her older sibling. Though this is cute, and can be good training in developing a favorable attitude toward learning in the younger child, it can frustrate mom and the older child. It can cause the rest of the day to be stress-filled and unsuccessful in terms of the older child retaining information and learning concepts. What’s the solution? There are a few different suggestions, but the one I’m focusing on today is blanket training....READ THE REST HERE!

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Kara said...

We taught our little guys to stay on blanekts too (but we weren't homeschooling at the time).
With our first 3 in 3 years...being able to put them on a blanket to play and know they'd stay there was a HUGE gift.
Really helped when we went to other people's houses where it wasn't super kid-friendly-safe.

I may be crazy, but I also used blue painters tape. I'd bring it along and section off an area where it was okay to play.

I try to be a "yes" mom unless there's a reason to say "no" they have enjoyed a very full, fun, creative life (we've had five all together)...

It has been nice to see that it honestly didn't have a negative impact--in fact, I think the boundaries almost inspired more freedom and creativity.

And it wasn't like we left them there all day--just when needed.