Friday, April 1, 2011

The Importance of Developing a Philosophy of Education

Reposted from 2005

I think that developing your own philosophy of education is extremely important when making the decision to homeschool your children. It is needed for the best possible chance of succeeding at this sometimes tiresome job.

Below is the philosophy that we developed when we first decided to continue my family's tradition of homeschooling. Our homeschool support group actually requires that all of its members develop their own philosophy of education before they are "allowed" to join the group. At first, I thought it was a simple task and I didn't see the point of completing it. But now I do! For years I kept a copy of this posted on my fridge to remind me daily WHY I was doing what I was doing. What an encouragement that was! I hope that everyone out there takes the time to develop their own.

The Metzger Family’s Philosophy of Education

Heritage Christian Academy

Education is a life-long experience. We believe that our children’s education in childhood should be primarily directed by their parents. Parents know their child better than anyone and they know their specific needs. As I have learned through being homeschooled myself, homeschooling provides a great opportunity to mold your child’s scholastic education to meet your child’s individual needs. A homeschool teacher can tailor the school work to fit the child’s strengths and improve on their weaknesses to the best of their ability. There is no need to push the child beyond their limits and no need to hold them back from what they want to achieve. The sky is the limit! Homeschool provides an atmosphere for learning unlike any other. It provides a boost of confidence in what you can achieve.

We want our children to develop godly relationships with their peers through socialization. That is one of two main purposes for a homeschool support group. Support is valuable for the parental instructor, but also for the student. Socialization with peers and interaction with people of all ages is an important part of the educational process. Homeschool support groups also allow for the parental instructor to continue their own educational process by learning from other mom’s experiences and trading ideas and information.

We want our children to graduate, as homeschoolers, with self-confidence, a deep knowledge of God, a Biblical worldview and a superior and personalized education. We seek to enable them to become the godly men and women that God wants them to become. A firm knowledge and personal relationship with Jesus is the basis of an excellent education. Education is meaningless without Jesus! Parents enable their children to learn and, in turn, apply godly morals, values and principles. We seek to train our children up in the way that they should go, as said in Proverbs.

"Train up a child in the way he must go, and when he is old, he will not depart from it." (Proverbs 22:6)

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Ellen said...

Hi Lisa -- I was wondering your take on a question I had....I really respect your blog and your homeschooling and so wanted to know what you thought.

I am just starting to homeschool my son and have been connecting online with other local moms via a yahoo group. The question of whether we should form a co-op has come up. On planning for the "location", many churches were suggested as the location. This led me to ask whether the co-op will be Christian and bible-based and what ppl's thoughts were on that. Well, of the responses I received, some said that they would really prefer it to be Christian based but didn't want to exclude ppl and ppl of other faiths and that we didn't need to have all subjects bible-based, like sewing, art or cheese making (thought that last one was funny!)....

And it's interesting that I had just read your posts about associating with those in biblical sin....and the scripture about bad company breeds bad company.... I was just looking right now at your Philosophy of Education post and see about really wanting to instill w/in your children godly principles.

I think my thoughts on this is that I'd rather it be Christian based and yes, sewing is not christian (as odd as that sounds) but its the whole approach and application that needs to be Christian based, focused and directed and this is where the real teaching is. Also, wouldn't there be logistical issues when we are trying to decide whether school will be closed for Ramadan or celebrating birthdays (issue for Jehovah Witnesses..) etc...

so anyhow. what are your thoughts and sorry for the ramble... :)

Ellen said...

Just an update Lisa --- so I wrote a blog post on this topic (see link below) and started my own Christian based homeschooling co-op.

Still interested in your thoughts!

Lisa (Lively) Metzger said...

Ellen - I WHOLEHEARTEDLY believe what you posted on your blog! LOVE it! Sorry for the delayed response, too. Anyway...LOVE it!


Lisa (Lively) Metzger said...

Ellen, I posted on it here (let me know if you DO NOT want your post included. :)

If you surround yourself with sin (even in small amounts) or things that have an absence of God and His principles, then you are doing a variety of worldview-altering things....If God is the supremecy of all human knowledge, why in the world would we want to look for knowledge anywhere else to begin with?

Lisa Metzger

Ellen said...

Hi lisa -- nope, that would be great to have the post there! and I noticed I made a small error: I meant to say "bad company breeds bad character"....not bad company breeds bad company, which is true but hehe :)
Thanks so much for your comments and your post.