Friday, April 15, 2011

Lisa Metzger - A "Fundy Snob"?

Last year I stumbled across the following comment (and a few others) when seeing tha there were so many hits on my blog from an anti-large family website. I thought it was sad (that they are so lost), but funny about their assumptions of our family. I did choose to respond to this in the forum, and below is the response that I sent. I thought some of y'all would get a kick out of this, and would think to pray for whomever wrote this.

Comment: "Ah, how could I forget Lisa Metzger? She is such a fundie snob. Now she won't come out and admit it, but I just know she adopted her oldest daughter so she could have free help around the house!! I am sure poor Annalise would love to be rescued from her life as an indentured servant. If you can get through her Halloween post, good luck. I gave up about half way through it, but there are some gems deeper in." They had also remarked how my tag line at the time, "Conforming to the image of Jesus", was some kind of "inside connection" that I had to Jesus. They were mocking that line, claiming to be Believers, not knowing that it came directly from my life verse.

My Response:
I won't try to defend my beliefs here, as I know that they'll be written off as being crazy or the like, but I do have to share this. I found this post when tracking hits to my blog and I told Annalise and my next eldest daughter, Kaitlyn, what was said here. Their reaction....they both laughed out loud and shrugged their shoulders (we're used to being criticized from people who don't know us...2 Timothy 3:12-16).

My question is this (rhetorical in nature, since I won't be back to view the responses, which I'm sure will ALL be critical)...why do y'all spend so much time visiting blogs that you don't agree with and then spend half the day criticizing them, if it won't change the outcome of anything that the blogger believes in? Seriously, from the outside looking's so childish, really.

BTW...conforming to the image of Jesus is taken from 2 Corinthians 3:18 "And we, who with unveiled faces all reflect the Lord's glory, are being transformed into his likeness with ever-increasing glory, which comes from the Lord, who is the Spirit." Funny how some can take one part of the Bible as the "Gospel truth", but then others are too "radical" for their own way of living. Hmmm....

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Anonymous said...

Lisa, I'm glad you are a happy momma and love your life as a homeshooling housewife. But the reason people who disagree with your mindsets seek out your blog and point out the flaws in this lifestyle and thinking is because they have seen, first hand, the abuses and brainwashing of young minds and lives. Young women like the writers at can testify to the pain and heavy weights they labored under in the homes of Quiverfull and patriocentric families. These people long to bring the light of truth to the heavy, controlling, and judgment filled world they see you creating in your home. They long to replace your self-righteous bigotry with the grace and freedom in Christ. Its not true that online disagreements don't change peoples minds on issues. I know it has changed mine on many things. You influence many (isn't that why you write??); hoping something in your posts draws people to the "good works" you are doing. You confidently invite others to pattern their home after yours. To use your recipes, organizational tips, and curriculum you love. Others online who disagree with your lifestyle are only doing the same: inviting others to see the life they love and glean from it. Try setting aside some of your proud ideals for a minute and read some of the arguments they have and it just might help you to understand more of where they are coming from and empathize with their pain and loss of personhood perpetuated by some of the movements you hold so dear. If your beliefs truly are as healthy as you think why would it hurt to understand the other side of the issues??