Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Homeschool Record Keeping System

Q. How do you keep your children's homeschool records? What is your homeschool Record keeping system for a large family? Also, what tests do you use for your children? ~ M. B.

A. I got a big binder, enough to hold YEARS worth of records for each child...all in one place!

Inside the binder I keep immunization religious exemption forms (attached, too)...

...NC attendance records....

...the test scores...

...and in the front, I keep a current copy of our HSLDA card, in case I need to quickly reference it!

Each child has a section and I just add to it each year. I also keep 3 years worth of each child’s school work in copy paper boxes (just in case I need to prove anything), and scan and save test scores and attendance sheets...all are saved on my hard drive. I also take photos of the kids doing various projects and save them in Word. Everything on my hard drive would be retrievable if something happened to the computer, as it backs up to Carbonite. Now, I probably won’t need to have any of this on hand, BUT it is nice to know where I can find things in case it is needed to prove something someday.

In addition to this type of record keeping, I use Homeschool Tracker (please use referral code B95HF if you decide to purchase it). It’s a computer program that records grades and work that your children have done or have yet to do. It is super cool...many, many features! I like entering every project (seatwork, lapbook, unit study, community outreach day, etc.) into the program. It gives me my beloved “to-do list" and lets me see what needs to be done next in school. When it comes time for a transcript or an average grade in a course, it’s super easy to just print it out! Love it!

As for testing...we use Seton Testing Services ($25 a pop) for two years and then switch to Iowa Tests of Basic Skills every three years just to see where they are exactly (we’ve also done the Kauffman Test for Annalise once). Because I don’t put much value in testing my children (I know them best and no test can tell me anything I really don’t already know), I like to cut costs as much as possible. So that is what we do to meet North Carolina homeschooling requirements!

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Christine said...

This is so awesome! Thank you for this amazing insight into your binder. I am inspired. Blessings!

Hearts For Homeschooling said...

Thank you for the link to Seton Test Services. We have been taking the CAT test for five years and have been paying $37 each plus shipping through Family Learning Organization online! Seton is over $12 cheaper for the same test - and that adds up quickly with multiple children!
Thanks again,
Mrs. Hearts