Friday, May 13, 2011

Taking Children to Abortion Clinics - The How's and Why's

Q. I was wondering how you minister at the clinics with your children? Do you limit graphic pictures? Do you bring all of your children? What do you do when a toddler melts down? I want to go. I half want to protect my children from images of dead babies, while the other half wants to bring them so people can look into the eyes of a child as they are off to kill one. Our ministry makes bags for the sidewalk councilors and crisis pregnancy centers but I don't know if sidewalk counseling is a place God is calling me to. Also, I have watched some videos of counselors yelling at the moms. Is there ever a place for that? It seems sometimes some people (surely not all!) are out there not in love of the babies but projecting the wrath of God. We are to be the hands and feet of Christ, making a righteous judgment but not condemning. Am I wrong? I would love your opinion! Thanks!

A. First, I'll direct you to some links on my blog where I've addressed some of what you're concerned about. I like to address these types of things, so let me know if these posts miss addressing something. :)

Toddler Meltdowns: Hmmm....good one! Well, we used to bring lollipops as a distraction for Judah, when he was not yet 2 years old. Now, he entertains himself by digging in the dirt and such. :) He is almost 2 1/2 now. If someone did have a meltdown, I would take them to my van (which is right near me) and talk to them. They are all pretty well behaved while we are ministering. In fact, Judah speaks and sings on the mic with the other children. It’s very sweet.

There is NEVER a reason to yell at anyone at the clinics. We have seen SO MUCH FRUIT (with the women, the fathers, the support people and even with the employees) by remaining calm and gentle. One of the reasons we have a microphone is so that we are not raising our voice to be heard (sometimes that can sound like screaming...ya know?). The mic really allows us to be gentle, but for our voices to carry across the parking lot and even into the building! It's a great tool. Any sidewalk counselor who is yelling at someone, is NOT being filled with the Holy Spirit. And remember...not all counselors are Christians, either. Our approach is vastly different from others, and it really makes us more appealing to the women. Now, I will say that he has saved MANY babies with that approach, but I'd venture to say that more often than not, those types have turned women away from their help and pushed them (with words) into the building. Some of those who use that method are not saved, so that makes a big difference.

I believe that all pro-lifers should go out to their local clinic at least one time. I think it's SO important to see the reality of the situation in order to stay vigilant and active within the pro-life world. I do not believe that EVERY family/individual is called to be on the "front lines" regularly counseling/praying. In fact, we're working with others to start a brand new ministry (you'll hear more about this later this year via my blog and FB page). The ministry is designed to plug Christians into different aspects of pro-life ministry in order to support the abortion-minded women and those pro-lifers on the front lines. Right now, the front line people are doing everything...."saving" the babies, taking the women to church and dr. appointments, being at births, throwing showers, paying for literature, etc. It's not ALL about being out there at the mill. We really need other Christians to come help in MANY areas. Just like the Body of Christ has many parts and roles, we too can all be involved in SOME WAY in this ministry.

That said, I think every Christian should be out there at the clinic at least once to experience that first-hand. It will impact you like nothing else!It sounds as though you already are involved in the pro-life ministry. That is awesome! Since you're already involved and have a heart for these women and babies, I do encourage you to go out to your clinic. Ask your husband to read my blog posts and see what he thinks about having your kids out there. Let him make the final decision. However, I am so glad I was raised (as a child) on the pro-life "front lines" and I am so glad that my children are out there with us, as well. The fruit I see in their lives (even in Judah...the 2 year old!) is something that isn't seen when parents keep their children within the four walls of a church. My kids speak up and speak the truth to these moms (nothing like hearing a child call to you on behalf of your baby). They speak the truth and SEE the truth in ways that many Christian adults do not. It's amazing!

Praying you have the courage to make it to the clinic at least once and that God makes His Will for your role in this ministry known to your husband and you!

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