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Want to Minister at Abortion Mills - Spouse Concerned

Q. I have watched your posts with much interest, and I'm thinking about becoming active in our prolife movement where I live. But my husband has some reservations, because most of the protesting he has seen is brash and offensive.Can you share just a little bit about your methods, and the results you have seen.

A. Hi! Thank you for writing me! I'd LOVE to share about our methods and such. The best way to get a feel for what we do as a family is to read some blog posts about it. I'll post them below.

Starting a pro-life ministry: Here and Here

Our family, as you can see above, is involved in handing out literature at the clinic, speaking the truth on a mic, praying for those who come in (and go out), singing (the kids love to do that...sometimes on the mic), providing the women who come out with long term resources (doctors who deliver babies for free, a lady who would throw them a baby shower, free formula and diapers, a church referral for their area, etc.) and so much more. We actually even develop lifetime, long term relationships with some of those whom come out and choose life! It is an AMAZING ministry that needs more volunteers!!

There have been wonderful saves at "our" mill. One young woman came from TN for an abortion and because of the help and love of some folks on the front lines at the clinic. She has since moved to Charlotte, been served by our wonderful pro-life doctors in Concord, baby-showered by Truth and Mercy, saved, baptized, discipled, and she delivered a beautiful baby girl this month! Now that’s an eternal victory!

Another married couple looked so lost when they arrived at the mill, they were overwhelmed by an unexpected pregnancy when they thought they were “done.” She had some health issues, he needed a good job. We’ve reached out to this family and assisted them in finding better housing and connecting to a church. She will have a baby shower coming up this fall. They couldn’t believe “how nice” the people were that stopped them at the abortion clinic. When one of the sidewalk counselors offered to take them out to lunch to talk, the wife replied, “Oh no! You guys need to stay out here for somebody else!” Imagine the ways we could help with the help of the whole body of Christ!

In April, a young woman, named “J” (pics on my Facebook photo page), and her sister-in-law came all the way from Florence, SC to abort a child whom they thought at the time to be 8 weeks. After choosing life, she found out that her baby was actually 16 weeks. If she had gone through with the abortion at Latrobe she could have experienced horrible complications since they were unwilling to verify the baby’s age via ultrasound and would have either given her pills to induce abortion or surgery on a baby who was much farther along than they had thought.

When in the clinic, “J” asked to speak to someone about the abortion procedure, but was told that she could not talk to a doctor, nurse or even a counselor about the procedure. Instead, the front desk personnel described the “painless and quick” procedure of abortion using a highlighter and pencil.

Another “save” from that day had a supportive husband, “R”, who was with “J” in the clinic. After he spoke to a male sidewalk counselor, he wanted to get his wife out but they had already taken her back. “J” saw how upset he was about it, and after talking to him for a while she told him to go get her. The staff wouldn’t let him back and they wouldn’t even pass on his message to her about supporting her in walking away from this. “J” felt so badly for him. She never knew until 4 weeks later that “R” did reach his wife by phone and got her out! “J” also shared that every woman in the clinic was uneasy and pacing that morning. Each one asked each other if they were going to go through with it. “J” said that not even one said yes. Every woman was unsure about their decision to abort. We have been told time and again that the women can hear the loving and caring voices of sidewalk counselors while in the building. And that is why the staff chooses to have the death-scorts blast foul music in the parking lot.

After “J” chose life and left the mill I received a text message that read: "Hi! How are you? I saw you 3 days ago. I was going to give my baby up and I’m happy I didn’t do it. I want you and the people that you were with to know that it meant the whole world to me to know that you all care about me, not even knowing me. Thanks! I hope to hear from you soon. – Me, myself and I” Lisa replied and asked her if she could call her the following. She replied: “Anytime you want [to call], because [if it weren’t] for you I would have done a really bad thing. So just whenever you would like would be fine.”

This young girl is so grateful to be 20 weeks pregnant with her 2nd child. She has a sweet heart and is now a Believer! She was even able to spend time in the Metzger’s home, experiencing the love of Jesus first-hand. She looks forward to delivering her baby this coming October.

These are just SOME of the MANY stories we could share with you about just OUR family's ministry at the abortion mill. There are MANY, MANY more that other pro-lifer people could share with you. From October 2008-May 3, 2011, there have been 1002 babies saved in Charlotte because Christians were willing to stand outside these clinics and pray, offer help, hand out literature and speak to these women on a microphone.

We have seen SO MUCH FRUIT (with the women, the fathers, the support people and even with the employees) by remaining calm and gentle. One of the reasons we have a microphone is so that we are not raising our voice to be heard (sometimes that can sound like screaming...ya know?). The mic really allows us to be gentle, but for our voices to carry across the parking lot and even into the building! It's a great tool. Here’s a video of me speaking at the abortion mill on an “extra busy Saturday” when many pro-aborts turned out to “celebrate” Roe vs. Wade. It will kind of show you how we use the mic for sharing the Truth.

I believe that all pro-lifers should go out to their local clinic at least one time. I think it's SO important to see the reality of the situation in order to stay vigilant and active within the pro-life world. I do not believe that EVERY family/individual is called to be on the "front lines" regularly counseling/praying. In fact, we're working with others to start a brand new ministry (you'll hear more about this later this year via my blog and FB page). The ministry is designed to plug Christians into different aspects of pro-life ministry in order to support the abortion-minded women and those pro-lifers on the front lines. Right now, the front line people are doing everything...."saving" the babies, taking the women to church and dr. appointments, being at births, throwing showers, paying for literature, etc. It's not ALL about being out there at the mill. We really need other Christians to come help in MANY areas. Just like the Body of Christ has many parts and roles, we too can all be involved in SOME WAY in this ministry. That said, I think every Christian should be out there at the clinic at least once to experience that first-hand. It will impact you like nothing else!

Let me know if I left out anything and if you or your hubby have any other questions!

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maureen said...

I am so greatful for your work and your ministry. Just reading your words on this blog over the past year has really spoken to my heart and I believe God wants our family to work in our area at the abortion mill that is in our town. I have read everything you have written about your experiences, and even contacted the company where you purchase your material to pass out to the women.

My children and I are planning to go to the clinic tomorrow morning, (Saturday) as that is one of their biggest killing days! We are praying that we will do everything right and be able to reach out to at least one troubled soul. I have 6 children who will be with me from 11 years to 3 mos. We plan to just stand on the sidewalk and pray. I have been over there, driving back and forth to figure out where we can stand that will be legal here. Unfortunately these abortion mills in Kansas have a lot of protection, though there have been some recent changes in our favor.

Please pray for us as we start this ministry and try to save lives. I know our Lord is with us and will give us the words to say and the courage to stand up to whatever satan tries to stop us with.

Thank you again for your inspiration!