Saturday, June 11, 2011

Are you SURE you're 100% Pro Life?

Hormonal birth control can be abortifacient. Very few know about that, even within the pro-life movement. [See the video and links below]

If you know there is a chance that it can abort babies and still use it or condone the use of it, you are not 100% pro-life. Now, if one changes the definition of when life begins, saying that life begins at some point other than conception or argues that the research involved in determining that hormonal BCs are abortifacient is false, then one could continue to call themself pro-life.

However, believing you are something that you really are not, does not make that something true.

Are you willing to take the risk that the manufacturers’ inserts on these BCs might just be correct? As Ronald Reagan wisely said, “If there’s even a question about when human life begins, isn’t it our duty to err on the side of life?”

Better yet...what would JESUS have you do if there's even a possibility that a life is ended through these methods of birth control?

Proverbs 24:11, 12 "Rescue those being taken off to death, and save those stumbling toward slaughter. If you say, "But we didn't know about this," won't He who weighs hearts consider it? Won't He who protects your life know? Won't He repay a person according to his work?"

Rest assured. God will repay you according to what you knew to be true (or even thought MIGHT be true). Nothing you do is hidden from His sight. Fear God.

Does Life Really Begin at Conception?
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The Harms of Contraception - From One More Soul

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Erin McCoy said...

As i was researching snowflake adoptions, I came across a comment that I wasn't sure how to answer in my mind:

"Some have stated that since the scripture teaches the “life of the flesh is in the blood”, that life actually begins at implantation when blood is introduced.

Like you, I have always believed that life begins at conception, but the issue of frozen embryos does confuse me. How can a “living soul” be frozen and cryogenically preserved indefinitely? This has raised a great scientific and theological quandary for me, and because I have great respect for you, I would appreciate any help you can offer.

natnkat said...

Hi Lisa, I read this from a friend's FB post and I wanted to comment a bit. Yes, hormonal birth control CAN be abortificient (if there is an egg released and it does get fertilized). But that is easily solved by using a secondary method during days of fertility, like a condom or just not having sex on those days. When on a hormone you know almost to the day when your very small potential window of fertility might be. I'm saying this because I think you came across a bit too strong - many women are on hormonal birth control to help them with secondary issues, not primarily as birth control (anemia, migraines, etc). I think a more balanced view is that birth control by hormones is potentially an abortificient, so a Christian _should_ be willing to be slightly inconvenienced and use two methods during fertility. Just my .02! :) Katherine

Becky said...

If you are going to use condoms on the days when you are fertile, then there is really no need to be taking the birth control pills, because you are already using the natural family planning method, which works great, as long as you know your cycle...