Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Eva has 2nd round of Pneumonia

The last week all the little ones have battled chest colds. Eva got bad really fast and had been wheezing. They did a chest x-ray last Wednesday, which showed that it could be developing into pneumoia. Well, Eva had another chest x-ray today and she has pneumonia (again). The doctors are seeing her again tomorrow morning. Until then...more breathing treatments.

Poor baby! This is her second bout of pneumonia in her 4 short months of life!!!! We’d prefer her to stay out of the hospital, because with asthma, she’s so prone to other lung diseases. We’d really appreciate another round of prayers for her!

Thank you!

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Hearts For Homeschooling said...

I do hope she improves quickly! You might look into essential oils to fix her underlying lung problem. Young Living puts out a little book on the uses of oils for particular disorders/symptoms. At her age, the drops of oil should go on the soles of her feet.

Mrs. Hearts

Jolene said...

~Praying for her~ Poor little peanut!

Jessica said...


The Tucker's said...

Will Definately Be praying for her. My daughter is 5 months and has had Phuemonia twice. We thought this was her third go around but they are starting to think she might have asthma. They have put her on a steroid and a different Antibiotic. We will find out next monday what will be our next move. Please let me know whats going on with your little girl. Will keep praying!


Anonymous said...

It is very important that her extremities are covered at all times. We will be praying for her full recovery.