Tuesday, July 12, 2011

First Family Ministry to Hebron Abortion Clinic...

This was our first time ministering as a family at this other abortion mill in Charlotte. TWO babies were saved today from this mill and FOUR from our "regular" mill on Friday! Right now there are very few Christians out at this mill during the week. We are praying about switching to doing our main ministry at this mill.
All our children are learning to speak on the mic and proclaim the Truth to the moms entering the abortion clinic. Above, Ellie (3) is speaking to the moms with her sweet little voice. She tells the mothers how their babies love them! To hear a sweet child's voice can really speak to a woman's heart.
Judah (2 1/2) sings Jesus Loves Me and tells the moms that their babies are precious!

Kaitlyn sings and speaks boldly and gently to the mothers. She tells of when she was able to hold the baby I miscarried at 16 weeks along. She tells of how perfectly formed he was at that young age, and of how the EMT's and nurses in the ER were surprised at just how perfectly formed he was at just 16 weeks! From the mouths of babes....

Above and below you can see a camera watching us on the sound system. Mothers with their young children are apparently a cause for concern. :) Seeing as though we only offer love and support...food, baby showers, free prenatal care and delivery, housing, etc....I can understand their cause for concern. They risk losing business in light of our offers of long term help and support.

Above Julia (5) and Ellie (3) hold signs to show the moms as they enter the mill.
Jake (almost 7) shows the horrors of abortion to cars coming in. As sad as these photos are, they make many aware of just what will happen to their son/daughter before it is too late. After seeing abortions occur before my eyes, these are sadly the TRUTH of what abortion does to babies. This is why we are there. This is why we are teaching our children what we believe and WHY we believe it.

Trey (9) with Joshua W. (9) showing the truth.

Theresa (13), Kaitlyn (11 1/2) and Annalise (19) sidewalk counseling at the entrance to the clinic. Smiling faces help to speak the truth in love to these moms!

Ethan (10) shows the truth to moms and support people. These signs have been used time and again to save lives. Most all women are stunned to see what will happen to babies who are so small. Doctored photos? No. I wish. Sadly, this is what happens to countless unborn babies every day here in our country and around the world.

Would you like to know what our children feel, think and believe about this issue and our family's ministry out at the abortion clinics? Ask away. They will all be glad to answer your questions and concerns.

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Sammy and Missy Parris said...

I'm amazed that there are so many of these "murder mills" in Charlotte. So very sad!! My kids have often mentioned thaqt we could go to something like this but I think the closest one to us may be in Atlanta. Praying for you in this. Missy

MsJess said...

People like you disgust me. do you really actually help women who are in crisis? Or just shame them?

Effie said...

You make me sick. Praying for you in this.

Lisa (Lively) Metzger said...

We *do* help these women! Look at my MANY other posts on the specific ways we help...food, clothing, baby showers, connecting them with free prenatal care and delivery, rides to OB appointments, etc. Look at my most recent posts if you are truly interested in what we offer these precious women who choose to have the lives of their babies continue on in the way God has planned since before the beginning of time.

Since October 2008 we have had 1,060+ women choose life just in Charlotte alone! Praise Jesus! We have even developed life-long relationships with a lot of them and have received so many texts from them of thanks! It's very rewarding to be able to help those who need help in order to feel as though they are able to choose life for their baby they carry inside!

Feel free to browse my blog. There are *many* testimonies of how we assist these women in crisis pregnancies...the same ones whom we talk to at the abortion clinics. Below are a sample of ways we’ve helped...

http://www.a2ndgenerationofhomeschooling.com/2011/07/helping-save-in-need.html – Delivering 2 weeks worth of food to a mom who chose life!
http://www.a2ndgenerationofhomeschooling.com/2010/12/blessings-new-years-visit.html - A mom who chose life stayed in our home over New Years!
http://www.a2ndgenerationofhomeschooling.com/2010/07/to-hold-one-saved-from-death.html – A mom who chose life comes back to the abortion clinic to thank us and to show us the baby she almost aborted!
http://www.a2ndgenerationofhomeschooling.com/2010/08/diapers-formula-for-mom-who-chose-life.html – Delivering diapers and formula to a mom who chose life!

There is HOPE and true JOY in Jesus' name! Any sincere prayers for our family are appreciated...we only want to know Jesus better than we do now! We want to show others just how much Jesus loves them through our truth-sharing actions and through the meeting of their practical needs! :)

Thank you for your comments, ladies. Our entire family will lift you up in prayer this evening!

May you find Jesus and serve Him in all you do and say!

~ Lisa

Jeannette said...

How come "choice" is so offended by offering choice?

Having been doing this for over a year we have seen, personally, so many women that DO NOT "want" an abortion, they feel pressured, trapped, scared and this is their "only" way out. When people, in love, reach out with real help and they see another option, they GRATEFULLY grab hold with both hands.

I'm having a hard time seeing what's so horrible about that.

Maybe I'll ask B. who is still staying with us with her 2 month old, before she moves into a wonderful cottage for young mothers that we found for her.

Our children, and the Metzger children, are witnessing first hand what it is like to see the love that Christ extended to us, extended to others. It is a gift we have given them. If they choose as adults never to set foot in front of an abortion clinic again, that is their choice.

But they will never forget the impact their signs, their love, and their presence had on the women we met, and loved, and the little babies that were given a chance at life because someone was willing to go out to that horrible place and hold those horrible signs and expose those horrible truths.

We go, and we will continue to go, for their sakes, in the name of Jesus.

Anonymous said...

So, once these women have their babies they'll need food stamps. welfare etc. and then you conservatives whine about your taxes going up.

Lisa (Lively) Metzger said...

I really wish that everyone who is negatively commenting would actually look around this blog and SEE what we do long term for these women who choose to allow life to continue in their wombs.

The comments are downright silly, since it is quite obvious that you were directed to ONE post from another website and are refusing to acquire all the facts before commenting.

If you must comment, please at least look around the blog and see what we do for these women long term!

Thank you,
Lisa Metzger

Suzy said...

How long is long term? Until the baby is one month, two?

Too many antichoicers forget that a baby is for 18 years, not just a month or two, or even just until born. And, you all have to admit that entirely too many who disagree with abortion do not continue to help.

I have looked around this blog, but, that doesn't make me feel any better about you not only dragging your children into politics, but, how you can harass women who are facing what can be a very hard decision is beyond me.

Lisa (Lively) Metzger said...

Yes...18 years! As long as they want help, we'll be here helping. You can call me a liar, but those are our sincere intentions. We haven't been doing it that long yet, so stick around and see what happens! Also, many of these women either do not need help at all *or* do not need it long term. Many are assisted in turning their lives around, learning how to better manage money, get a job and improve their lives overall. Helping by giving food, clothing, etc. is wonderful, but it's better to show these women how to take the reigns of their lives and turn them around for the better. Most do not need to be dependent upon someone else for continual handouts. They just need temporary help (like through an unplanned pregnancy and birth) or to be taught on how to manage life and finances, how to attain a job, etc.

The difference is...this is life and death, not politics. I will not stand idly by with my family (children included) when my "neighbors" are dying. When you look at this issue like that, your whole viewpoint is adjusted. The neighbors in the surrounding villages to the concentration camps in Eastern Europe sat by as their "neighbors" were killed in droves. After the surviving Jews were liberated, the Allies had these villagers tour the concentration camps to see what went on inside as they sat there trying to ignore what was really going on behind those walls. I will teach my children to be proactive when it comes to speaking up for LIFE. The Bible tells us to speak up and defend the innocent and voiceless. I wholly intend on following those commands!

The conclusion I have come to is that the women who hate me and my family so much, really have nothing better to do than to put someone else's life under their proverbial microscope for entertainment. I’m truly sad at the lack of joy, hope and peace in your life. You all have been and will continue to be in our family’s prayers!

Bottom line, we are here for THESE moms, not to make YOU feel any better about what we're doing.


Lisa (Lively) Metzger said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jeannette said...

I do not "forget" how long life is. Pro-abortion supporters do.

They do no grasp how long the life of their child SHOULD be. They view 'pregnancy' as an ugly condition to be rid of. Suzy, 18 years is still only the beginning. Think of the impact all those children, who grow into young men and women, who grow into adults, who have their own families, who in turn grow and mature. Think of the generations of lives that have been lost. Long life is good; it is a gift!

And while I regretfully acknowledge that the body of Christ HAS NOT done its part to care for those in need and reach out to invest in the lives of others, long term, like ETERNAL. I must gently point out that the burden of responsibility lies with the man and woman who chose to be sexually active and bring life into this world. Parenting brings maturity. The average circumstances of abortion provide a "temporary escape" so irresponsible individuals continue to run from that responsiblity. They toss away the lesson that God designed for them to learn to trust in Him, depend on Him, have faith in Him, turn to Him.

I did not mean to hijack this post and turn it into a general debate. But if you want to question someone's long term comittment, you'll just have to stick around and check on our fruit.

Nancy @ momjustlikeyou said...

Suzy, Anonymous, Effie, & Ms. Jess,

Killing a child should never be a "choice." If you look at statistics, you will see that the majority of women who have had an abortion have regrets. Condemning these women by stating that they will exist on food stamps and government-run healthcare is quite small-minded. Each baby is created in the image of God and has intrinsic value as such.

I don't believe that it is "sick" for Lisa to care for women and minister to them with her entire family. This is her right as a parent. It is only your opinion that she shouldn't do it. Our "free" country allows us to raise and educate our children in the manner that we each choose. If this liberty is taken away then this country ceases to be "free." Unfortunately, the government schools aren't adequately teaching The Constitution or many would better understand their rights in this country. Yes, you have the right to free speech, but didn't your mother ever tell you, "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all?"

Jessi said...

Hi, I am a new reader to your blog.I think what your doing is wonderful! I can't believe people get so mad when you expose abortion, but are not bothered at all that so many babies are killed every day. There is a 2 million couple wait for adoption. There is not one good reason to kill your own child. People who would defend a moms right to stop the heart beat of their own child disgust me, and is why our world is so messed up. Why is it murder the second that child is born, but before that you could pay a doctor to kill that child? Why is everyone so mad at Casey Anthony? She could have murdered that child when she was in her womb, and it would have been fine. According to pro-abortion logic, she did nothing wrong. The choice is before the child is conceived, not after. I don't see anything wrong with taking your children there. People who will say it's wrong probly let their kids watch much worse stuff on the tv everyday.

Laurel Santiago said...

This is a beautiful, wonderful thing that you are doing. I don't understand why anyone wouldn't want their babies. I feel blessed just by having read this post.