Monday, July 18, 2011

Helping a "save" in need...

"N" is a sweet woman, who was a "save" (a mom who chose LIFE, instead of abortion for her baby) from our primary abortion mill where we minister. Not long after she chose life for her 3 month old baby, she called Chrissie (the sidewalk counselor who first talked her out of the abortion) and said that she desperately needed food for her, her fiance and two children for the next 2-3 weeks until they moved to a new town. Chrissie, being out ministering at the abortion mill 5 days every week, asked if we could find help for "N". Of course, I jumped on that aspect of our pro-life ministry without hesitation!

As soon as I got off the phone with Chrissie, I started searching for food ministries. Well, they are really mostly overloaded, SOOOOO....I turned to all my Facebook friends for help. We got SUCH a response! In less than 3 hours, we had enough money to support this family with food for 3 weeks! Amazing how the Church, even when separate by many miles, can come together to help those in need and to show them how JESUS would have us all to work together!

Last night Mark and I went to a big sale at a discount food store. I was able to get even more than I thought I could get on my budget of the funds that were raised! And this morning, the children (pictured above with our supplies) and I headed over to deliver the food to "N"!

"N" and her family were SO SWEET and very much in need. "N", her relatives and fiance were all very grateful. I also got to meet her daughter, "M". Little "M" is 3 and her brother is 6. "M" would just look at me and say “thank you” over and over with a sweet look on her face! Precious!

At one point during our visit, "N" was showing me what little food she had. Without hesitation, she offered me some of what little she had. In her fridge she had three big bags of uncooked Wendy’s french fries that the local Wndy's had given her after she told them they desperately needed food. When she showed these bags to me she said, “Would you like a bag of them?” Like I said, she is so sweet!

Shortly after I left, Chrissie (the sidewalk counselor) called and told me that she had heard from "N", who said how grateful she was for connecting all of us so that they could receive all the food. As soon as I hung up with Chrissie I got a text from "N" that said, "No words can tell you how I feel for a person to drive all this way (40 minutes) to bring a stranger food. You are truly an angel."

Please pray that we can find a church to the new town where they are moving! We also need a woman/family that would take "N" and her family under their wings in this new church. We are not certain that "N" is a Believer, so please pray on that, as well!

Thank you to ALL who gave to this precious lady and her family who were very much in need! You have shown her JESUS!

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