Sunday, August 21, 2011

Does Scripture REALLY say NO to birth control?

Conception is not a chance or a risk - babies are an intentional creation, every single one of them. Acknowledging this is a huge step towards surrender. It's not such a scary idea when we're not risking something. And once we surrender Lordship to Christ, and open up our grip on our own plans for life so that we may receive what He has for us, then there is no perceived "loss". Only gain. And we gain freedom from feeling torn between desiring babies but fearing it would be irresponsible to have more due to life circumstances; freedom from guilty feelings that come with knowing we're out of obedience with our Lord; freedom from financial fears, because our priorities and values become new and God's provision is perfect.

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For all who are wondering, I do not agree with the author in that there is no sin in using birth control. While sins are not always rebellious sins, they are always deviations from God's perfect plan for us. We, too, at one (thankfully short) period of time were ignorant of what God had to say about "filling the earth" and how God alone should be the One who decides when to create life (after all He is my Creator...who better to trust with big decisions like that than He). Since only God can see further down the road than I can, only HIS plan in creating life can be the perfect one. We can't both be right. ;)

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