Thursday, August 25, 2011

Homeschool Overhaul

Lately we have found that our family needs a different plan or a change of plans in our homeschool. Since our year-round school year starts on September 1st, I'm reviewing everything we do and tweaking it. I will blog about the changes as time allows. The kids and I sat down this morning to talk about our school year and all it involves.

In today's discussion I told the children that each week I will assign a "project leader" to each choose a project for the week (starting with Ethan, as the oldest boy, choosing a project for the boys...and Annalise**, as the oldest girl, choosing a project for the girls). The "teacher" must choose the project and gather or ask for the materials to complete it. Then they must find links/videos to instill the knowledge on a more creative platform. For now, they are choosing our project ideas from the Teaching Good Things website.

Teaching Good Things

The children will be able to "ask the experts" (Mom, Dad, grandparents, etc.) about the things they are learning. For instance, if it's a "dangerous" woodworking project, they would consult an expert (Mark) about safety issues and Mark would help guide them through the project.

We're doing the same with geography. I will assign one child a continent and the child must find a Netflix documentary or two on the country of their choosing within that continent, as well as links or online games that teach about something about the country they choose. This makes geography fun and exciting!

My goal is that these new ideas and strategies will bring another aspect of "ownership" over their education and allows them to be excited about teaching things to their siblings. So far everyone is excited in planning what their projects and countries of interest will be!

[**Annalise has graduated in 2010 from our homeschool, but she naturally enjoys teaching children. In fact, she is helping to teach a preschool class locally. So that's why she's included her in these projects, as her schedule allows.]
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Christy B. said...

Thanks for posting that link! We are doing our own overhaul this year as well. Can't wait to hear what else you guys are doing!