Wednesday, September 21, 2011

And now, we wait...

Our family is super excited about the upcoming arrival a precious baby boy who was saved from abortion back in April! He is due on October 15th, but could really arrive any day, as his mama has been in and out of labor (and in and out of the hospital because of that) for a few weeks now.

Truth and Mercy Ministries provided everything we needed for the baby shower for this little guy and his mama! Annalise's ministry, Helping Hands Saving Lives, also helped to collect the items needed for this special shower! Every shower is special, but this one is extra near and dear to our hearts, because this mom has kept in close contact with our family...dubbing me her "second mother".

It's been an amazing experience to counsel this girl away from abortion and toward LIFE; to host her in our home; to minister to her from afar (she's 3 1/2 hours away) and to be awaiting this precious little boy's arrival alongside her! Now, we wait on his arrival to take her ALL these items!

By the way...below is the photo of her baby shower items. This is only 9 months worth of clothing and supplies! Truth and Mercy usually provides 2 years worth of clothing, furniture and supplies, but there were space limitiations with this mama, so she requested less than 2 years. Amazing provisions! Praise Jesus for this mama and baby! And now, we wait....

Our family's work continues outside area abortion mills. We have seen SO MANY babies saved and moms change their minds about life! We've even had one salvation with a mom who chose life back in August! Praise Jesus!

(Below) Our good friend and her daughters came out to the abortion mill to work alongside us again! We love them...and are especially fond of Leanne's book that came out in April and was actually the tool that helped to turn the above-mentioned mama away from aborting her son! Leanne is the sister of fellow sidewalk counselor, Jeannette, and the author of Tiny Hands! She has a beautiful testimony of how God has changed her life and has healed her from her post-abortion trauma. If you haven't checked out Tiny Hands, please do! It's THE MOST effective sidewalk counseling tool we have ever come across! The photos are BEAUTIFUL!

Below is a photo of sidewalk counselors (myself included) praying with a mom who chose life for a baby she was carrying from an adulterous relationship. She chose to let her child continue living, instead of covering one sin with another. What a courageous decision! She left with a HUGE smile on her face, despite the fac that she was going home to break the news to her husband about this pregnancy. Please pray for "J" to continue to seek the Lord during this pregnancy!

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Katy~The Country Blossom said...

A beautiful post! I hope all went well with labor and delivery for this precious mama! :)

Have you watched the 180 video by Ray Comfort and Way of the Master? Just fabulous! :)