Sunday, December 11, 2011

Cities4Life Dinner with Alex Kendrick!

Cities4Life is another project that Mark and Lisa have been working on all year with other visionary leaders of the pro-LIFE community here in Charlotte. We are thrilled to be able to debut the website this month, as well as host the Cities4Life annual dinner, with guest speaker Alex Kendrick of the hit Christian movie, “Courageous”.

Cities4Life is not simply an event or a ministry; it is a culture. Cities4Life seeks to transform the culture of death brought about by abortion to a culture of LIFE in our cities as we work to mobilize the Body of Christ to speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves. This is accomplished by uniting and supporting grassroots, Gospel-centered ministries, families, and individuals dedicated to proclaiming the love of Jesus Christ and providing tangible support to abortion-minded mothers at local abortion centers.

We are very excited to see how God will be able to use this ministry to save more lives and souls for His Glory! See Alex Kendrick's message below about Cities4Life!

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marymo5 said...

I have awarded you the Liebster Blog Award. Please stop by and read my latest blog post for all the deatils.

Tabitha said...

Lisa and family,
I have had your blog bookmarked and read it periodically for quite some time. Recently God has been convicting me more and more about going to my local Planned Parenthood and trying to pursuade women to choose life. I don't know anyone personally who does this and I'm a little scared to do it alone, but I believe it is what God wants me to do. I was wondering if you could point me in the direction of sources of material to hand out? I don't have the first clue where to start. I'm planning to just make packets of info on Christian adoption agencies in our state, crisis pregnancy centers and a tract and take my packets and a few home made posters and go stand out front and see what happens. But first I have to find a source of materials to put in my packets.
Thank you so much!