Monday, April 2, 2012

Computer Programming for Homeschoolers

Does your child show an interest in computer programming? Check this out! It looks very interesting! Would love to hear opinions on what you think of it if you have used it with your pre-teen or teen. Check it out HERE!

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Lisa Marie said...

I bought the kidcoder series for my oldest (he's 7). He desperately wanted to learn how to program computers and this looked like a great idea. It's Visual Basic, so it's pretty easy to learn. We did great off the start and MAN, was he ever proud of himself even for those early lessons where you basically make boxes. We slowed down though, but I know he will love it when it interests him again! It's a good investment, IMO, because you can use it with multiple kid and there's no consumable products.

Mrs.Hearts said...

My son, age 13, is just finishing the KidCoder Game which he has worked through following KidCoder Windows. Next year he is going to do one of the two TeenCoder series. It has been a perfect fit for him, and he has learned an incredible amount - enough to know this is what he wants to do for a living.

You can periodically get it cheaper through The Homeschool Buyers Coop. I think the special just ended last week, but it will probably come around again.

Like the previous commenter said, it is reusable as you can print out the entire notebook again and again.

Also, the creator of this curriculum is very helpful and has promptly emailed back when we have submitted questions.